Pennsylvania Department of General Services

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Pennsylvania Department of General Services
Pennsylvania Department of General Services Logo.svg
Logo of the DGS
Agency overview
Formed July 22, 1975
Preceding agencies
  • Department of Property and Supplies
  • General State Authority
Jurisdiction State government of Pennsylvania
Headquarters 515 North Office Building, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
40°15′56.5″N 76°52′59″W / 40.265694°N 76.88306°W / 40.265694; -76.88306
Employees 1,266
Agency executive

The Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS) is an agency of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania that is responsible for the purchasing of goods and services for the state government. The DGS also "maintains and protects" buildings owned by the state government.[1] The DGS was formed, on July 22, 1975, when the Department of Property and Supplies and the General State Authority were merged into the Department of General Services.

Organizational structure[edit]

The DGS is divided into the following sub-units:[2]

  • Deputy Secretary of Administration
    • Bureau of Financial and Management Services
    • Bureau of Human Resources
    • Office of Equal Opportunity
    • Commonwealth Media Services
    • Commonwealth Information Center
    • Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management
  • Deputy Secretary for Procurement
    • Bureau of Procurement
    • Bureau of Publications
    • Bureau of Supplies and Surplus Operations
  • Deputy Secretary for Property and Asset Management
    • Bureau of Facilities Management
    • Bureau of Vehicle Management
    • Bureau of Supplies and Surplus
    • Property Administration Office
    • Bureau of Police and Safety
    • Commonwealth Agency Recycling Office
    • Special Events Office
  • Deputy Secretary for Public Works
    • Bureau of Professional Selections and Administrative Services
    • Bureau of Engineering and Architecture
    • Bureau of Construction
  • Deputy Secretary and Special Assistant to the Governor for Minority, Woman-owned and Disadvantaged Business Development
    • Bureau of Minority and Women Business Opportunities
  • Office of Chief Counsel
  • Bureau of Real Estate

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