Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

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Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Logo.svg
Logo of the DOR
Agency overview
JurisdictionState government of Pennsylvania
Headquarters11th Floor, Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
40°15′43″N 76°52′52″W / 40.26194°N 76.88111°W / 40.26194; -76.88111
Agency executive

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (DOR) is an agency of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The department is responsible for collecting all Pennsylvania taxes, including all corporate taxes and taxes on inheritance, personal income, sales and use, realty transfer, motor fuel, and all other state taxes.[1] The DOR was created in 1927 and began operating in 1929.

Organizational structure[edit]

The DOR is composed of the following sub-units:[2]

  • Deputy Secretary for Taxation
    • Taxpayer Service and Information Center
    • Bureau of Corporation Taxes
    • Bureau of Individual Taxes
    • Bureau of Business Trust Fund Taxes
    • Bureau of Motor Fuel Taxes
    • Business Operations Office
  • Deputy Secretary for Tax Policy
    • Board of Appeals
    • Bureau of Audits
    • Bureau of Research
  • Deputy Secretary for Administration
    • Bureau of Administrative Services
    • Equal Opportunity Office
    • Bureau of Human Resources
    • Bureau of Fiscal Management
    • Bureau of Imaging and Document Management
    • Bureau of Imaging and Document Management
  • Deputy Secretary for Compliance and Collections
    • Bureau of Collections and Taxpayer Services
    • Bureau of Compliance
    • Office of Criminal Tax Investigations
    • Pass Through Business Office
    • Bureau of Enforcement Planning, Analysis, and Discovery
  • Deputy Secretary for Information Technology
    • Office of e-Commerce
    • Bureau of Information Systems
  • Office of Chief Counsel
  • Press Office
  • Pennsylvania Lottery
  • Office of Legislative Affairs
  • Policy Office and the Office of Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate

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