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PA Route 403 marker

PA Route 403
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT
Length: 63.7 mi[1] (102.5 km)
Major junctions
South end: US 30 in Kantner
  US 219 in Davidsville
PA 56 in Johnstown
US 22 in East Wheatfield Township
US 422 near Heilwood
PA 286 in Clymer
North end: US 119 near Marion Center
Counties: Somerset, Cambria, Indiana
Highway system
PA 402 PA 404

Pennsylvania Route 403 (PA 403) is a north–south state route in Somerset, Cambria and Indiana counties of Pennsylvania. The southern terminus is at US 30 in the hamlet of Kantner in Quemahoning Township. The northern terminus is at US 119 near Marion Center.

Route description[edit]

Somerset County[edit]

PA 403 begins at an intersection with US 30 in Quemahoning Township, Somerset County, heading northeast on two-lane undivided Triple S Road. The road becomes Whistler Road as it passes through wooded areas with some homes and industrial establishments, crossing the Stonycreek River. The route turns east and passes through the residential community of Kantner, crossing the river again. PA 403 curves to the northeast and crosses CSX's S&C Subdivision railroad line, continuing through woodland with a few residences. The road heads into Shade Township and turns to the north, running to the east of the Stonycreek River and the railroad line. The route enters Quemahoning Township again and turns east, heading into Hooversville. Here, PA 403 becomes Barn Street and runs northeast past homes. The road curves northeast into wooded areas with some residences before turning north back into Quemahoning Township. The route becomes Whistler Road again and runs through forests with some fields and homes, turning west to cross the CSX line and the river before turning north again and passing through Blough. PA 403 crosses the Stonycreek River into Paint Township and heads across the CSX line again, passing through Landstreet and continuing through more rural areas to the northeast of the river and railroad tracks.[1][2]

The road turns north into Benson and becomes Border Street, heading through more woods before entering residential areas. The route turns west and crosses the railroad tracks before turning north onto Whistler Street and crossing the Stonycreek River into Conemaugh Township. PA 403 intersects PA 601 and heads northwest past homes and some businesses on South Main Street, running through Hollsopple. The road widens into a four-lane divided highway and turns north as it comes to an interchange with the US 219 freeway. The route becomes two lanes and undivided again as it heads into the residential community of Davidsville, turning northeast onto Oak Street. PA 403 passes more homes and turns north as North Main Street before heading northeast as Tire Hill Road into farmland with some woods and homes. The road curves north into more wooded areas with some residential and commercial development, turning northwest and passing through Tire Hill.[1][2]

Cambria County[edit]

PA 403 enters Upper Yoder Township in Cambria County and comes to an intersection with the northern terminus of PA 985, where it turns northeast onto Ferndale Avenue, a three-lane road with a center left-turn lane. The road heads east along the northern bank of the Stonycreek River, running through residential and commercial areas. The route turns southeast and becomes a divided highway, running through wooded areas before crossing into Ferndale. Here, PA 403 turns north and passes through residential neighborhoods as an undivided road, curving to the northwest past more homes with some businesses. The road heads north and crosses the CSX railroad line, turning northeast to cross the Stonycreek River into Johnstown. Here, the route becomes Bridge Street and passes through industrial areas, turning north-northeast onto Central Avenue. PA 403 runs through more industry and commercial areas, coming to an intersection with the western terminus of PA 756. The road turns north and widens to four lanes, crossing a CCTA railroad line before heading across the Stonycreek River again. The route turns northwest onto two-lane Valley Pike and passes homes and businesses along the southwestern bank of the Stonycreek River before heading north on Franklin Street and running between woods to the west and the river to the east with some development. PA 403 heads northwest into residential areas on Napoleon Street, passing under the PA 56 freeway. The road heads into commercial areas and crosses PA 271 before crossing the Stonycreek River and heading along the edge of downtown Johnstown.[1][3]

The route comes to an intersection with PA 56, where it turns north to form a concurrency with that route on four-lane divided Johns Street. PA 56/PA 403 passes between the river to the west and residential and commercial areas to the east splitting from Johns Street and heading northwest to cross the Stonycreek River. The two routes continue north along the west bank of the Conemaugh River, with woods to the west. The road becomes undivided Roosevelt Boulevard and passes under Norfolk Southern's Pittsburgh Line, heading into commercial areas. PA 56/PA 403 turns northwest onto Broad Street and continues past more businesses with some homes. PA 56 splits to the west and PA 403 narrows to two lanes, curving to the north. The route turns east onto Laurel Avenue and crosses the Conemaugh River and a LVRJ railroad line, quickly turning north onto Cooper Avenue. The road heads through residential areas as a three-lane road with a center left-turn lane. PA 403 heads into West Taylor Township and heads northwest into wooded areas with some homes as a two-lane road. The road continues into dense forests as Cramer Pike, running northeast of the Conemaugh River and the Norfolk Southern line. Farther northwest, the route heads into the Gallitzin State Forest and briefly heads through Jackson Township.[1][3]

Indiana County[edit]

PA 403 enters East Wheatfield Township in Indiana County and runs through more of the state forest. The road leaves the Gallitzin State Forest and heads north away from the Conemaugh River, passing through more wooded areas with some homes and intersecting the northern terminus of PA 711 in Cramer. The route winds northwest through woodland with farmland and residences, turning north and coming to an interchange with US 22. Past here, PA 403 turns northeast through more rural areas and passes through Virginia, crossing the Blacklick Creek into Buffington Township. The road runs through Dilltown and continues northeast through wooded areas with some farm fields and homes. The route turns north, curving to the north-northeast as it crosses into Pine Township and comes to an intersection with US 422 in Strongstown. Past this intersection, PA 403 runs through more rural areas with some residences, curving to the north. The road turns west at Pineton and heads into forested areas, winding to the north as it comes to the residential community of Heilwood and heads northeast. The route passes a few rural homes as it comes to an intersection with PA 553. Here, PA 403 turns northwest to form a concurrency with PA 553 on an unnamed road, heading into Cherryhill Township and turning to the west as it passes through farmland and woodland with some homes. PA 403 splits from PA 553 by heading north-northwest, passing through more rural areas as it comes to a junction with the southern terminus of PA 580.[1][4]

The road continues northwest and winds through wooded areas with a few residences, running to the southwest of North Branch Two Lick Creek. The route heads into Clymer and enters residential areas as 1st Street, turning southwest onto Hancock Street and northwest onto 2nd Street. PA 403 reaches an intersection with PA 286 and turns southwest to join that route on Franklin Street, passing homes and businesses in the center of town. PA 403 splits from PA 286 by turning northwest onto 6th Street, passing a few commercial establishments before turning into Penn Street and heading north past homes. The road heads into woodland and becomes unnamed as it crosses back into Cherryhill Township and runs to the west of a R.J. Corman Railroad line. The route passes through Rembrandt and stops following the railroad tracks as it continues into Green Township. Here, PA 403 heads into a mix of farmland and woods with some homes, passing through Dixonville and turning northwest, entering Rayne Township. The route continues through rural areas and passes through Rayne. Farther northwest, the road crosses into East Mahoning Township and becomes South Manor Street, soon heading into Marion Center. PA 403 turns west onto West Main Street and runs through more residential areas, crossing back into East Mahoning Township and ending at US 119.[1][4]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Somerset Quemahoning Township 0.0 0.0 US 30 (Lincoln Highway)
Conemaugh Township PA 601 (Penn Avenue/Seanor Road)
US 219 Interchange
Cambria Upper Yoder Township PA 985 south (Ferndale Avenue)
Johnstown PA 756 east (Ohio Street)
PA 271 (Haynes Street)
PA 56 east (Johnstown Expressway) South end of PA 56 overlap
PA 56 west (Fairfield Avenue) North end of PA 56 overlap
Indiana East Wheatfield Township PA 711 south
US 22 (William Penn Highway) Interchange
Pine Township US 422 (Benjamin Franklin Highway)
PA 553 east South end of PA 553 overlap
Cherryhill Township PA 553 west North end of PA 553 overlap
PA 580 north
Clymer PA 286 east (Franklin Street) South end of PA 286 overlap
PA 286 west (Franklin Street) North end of PA 286 overlap
East Mahoning Township 63.7 102.5 US 119 (Buffalo-Pittsburgh Highway)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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