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PA Route 462 marker

PA Route 462
Lincoln Highway
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT, City of York, and City of Lancaster
Length: 31.889 mi[1] (51.320 km)
Existed: 1970 – present
Major junctions
West end: US 30 near West York
  I-83 near York
US 222 in Lancaster
East end: US 30 near Lancaster
Counties: York, Lancaster
Highway system
PA 458 PA 463

Pennsylvania Route 462 (PA 462) is a 32-mile-long (51 km) east–west running local route in central Pennsylvania. The western terminus is west of York. The eastern terminus is east of Lancaster. At both ends, PA 462 terminates at U.S. Route 30, and all of the route was signed as U.S. Route 30 before a freeway was built to bypass it. Having been once Route 30, which supplanted the Lincoln Highway, local governments and the U.S. Postal service have used that name and/or Old Lincoln Highway in addresses.

Route description[edit]

York to Susquehanna River[edit]

The western terminus of PA 462 is at a trumpet interchange with US 30 in West Manchester Township, York County, where US 30 heads east on a freeway and west on at-grade West Market Street. From this interchange, PA 462 heads northeast on four-lane divided West Market Street through commercial areas, soon narrowing to a three-lane road with a center left-turn lane. The road passes between industrial areas to the northwest and residential neighborhoods to the southeast before it crosses a York Railway line. The route runs past businesses and comes to an intersection with the eastern terminus of PA 234. PA 462 narrows to two lanes and heads east past homes, coming to a junction with the western terminus of PA 182 in the community of Kurtz Place. The road enters the borough of West York and is lined with more residences along with a few businesses. Farther east, the route becomes the border between West Manchester Township to the north and West York to the south as it passes to the south of the York Fairgrounds, crossing the York Railway tracks again. PA 462 continues into the city of York and passes residential and commercial development as a four-lane undivided road, reaching a junction with PA 74.[2][3]

At this point, PA 462 becomes concurrent with PA 74 and the road splits into a city-maintained one-way pair, with the eastbound direction following West Market Street, which is two-way and two lanes wide, and the westbound direction following West Philadelphia Street, which carries two lanes of one-way traffic westbound. The two routes follow the one-way pair through urban residential areas of rowhomes with a few businesses, with West Market Street becoming three lanes wide with two eastbound lanes and one westbound lane. PA 74/PA 462 cross over the Codorus Creek and intersect a York Railway line at Pershing Avenue. Past this intersection, the routes head into the commercial downtown of York, with West Market Street carrying two lanes of eastbound traffic and West Philadelphia Street carrying two lanes of westbound traffic. PA 74/PA 462 intersects I-83 Bus. (George Street) at Continental Square eastbound and near the York County Courthouse westbound. Past this, the one-way pair becomes East Market Street eastbound and East Philadelphia Street westbound. East of downtown, PA 74 splits from PA 462 by heading south along Queen Street. PA 462 continues east through urban residential areas along the one-way pair. The route crosses a York Railway line in a commercial area before it runs northeast past more homes and a few businesses. At Harrison Street, westbound PA 462 returns to eastbound PA 462 along East Market Street.[2][3]

PA 462 continues east along state-maintained, four-lane undivided East Market Street out of York into Spring Garden Township, running through wooded suburban residential areas in the community of Elomwood. The route comes to an interchange with I-83, at which point it becomes a divided highway, and enters Springettsbury Township, continuing past more homes in the community of East York as a four-lane undivided road. The road heads into business areas and widens to a divided highway as it reaches an intersection with Memory Lane/Haines Road. PA 462 passes more commercial development before it runs past homes and comes to a junction with PA 24 in the community of Yorkshire. The route continues northeast through commercial areas as a five-lane road with a center left-turn lane, narrowing to three lanes before crossing an East Penn Railroad line in the community of Stonybrook. The road runs past a mix of residential and commercial development and crosses into Hellam Township, where the name becomes Lincoln Highway. PA 462 continues past development and enters the borough of Hallam at the Kreutz Creek Road/Freysville Road intersection. The road narrows to two lanes and becomes lined with homes as it progresses east through the borough. The route leaves Hallam for Hellam Township again and gains a center left-turn lane, passing east-northeast through farmland with some trees and development. The road heads into the borough of Wrightsville at the Cool Creek Road intersection and becomes two-lane undivided Hellam Street, passing through residential areas with a few businesses. PA 462 intersects the northern terminus of PA 624 at a "Y" intersection and heads east onto the 1.2-mile (1.9 km) long Veterans Memorial Bridge, passing over PA 624 before heading across the Susquehanna River.[2][3]

Susquehanna River to Lancaster[edit]

Upon crossing the Susquehanna River, PA 462 heads into the borough of Columbia in Lancaster County and passes over Norfolk Southern's Port Road Branch before descending off the Veterans Memorial Bridge and heading northeast into industrial areas on Chestnut Street. The route crosses PA 441 and heads into residential areas, turning southeast onto North 5th Street. PA 462 continues southeast onto Lancaster Avenue and runs past more homes. The road gains a center left-turn lane and runs through more residential areas with a few businesses, crossing the Columbia and Reading Railroad. The route heads past more businesses and some industry to the north of the road before it leaves Columbia for West Hempfield Township, where the name becomes Columbia Avenue. PA 462 continues through a mix of farmland and residential subdivisions, curving northeast. The road intersects Prospect Road south of an interchange with the US 30 freeway and passes near residential and commercial development and some fields before it enters the borough of Mountville. The route narrows to two lanes and is lined with homes as it heads east through the borough along Main Street. PA 462 comes to a bridge over Norfolk Southern's Columbia Secondary and continues through residential areas before it leaves Mountville and becomes the border between West Hempfield Township to the north and Manor Township to the south, with the name changing back to Columbia Avenue and the center left-turn lane returning. The road passes through a mix of homes and businesses, becoming the border between East Hempfield Township to the north and Manor Township to the south. The route continues east through residential and commercial development with nearby rural land. Farther east, PA 462 passes homes before it reaches an intersection with PA 741, where it is briefly a divided highway. The road heads into business areas and regains the center left-turn lane, passing a mix of homes and businesses in the communities of Wheatland and West Lancaster. The route crosses Little Conestoga Creek into Lancaster Township and passes through wooded suburban residential neighborhoods.[2][4]

PA 462 enters the city of Lancaster and splits into a one-way pair at Race Avenue, with the eastbound direction continuing along two-way, two-lane Columbia Avenue and the westbound direction following West Walnut Street, which carries two lanes of one-way westbound traffic concurrent with westbound PA 23. PA 23 splits from westbound PA 462 by heading west along Marietta Avenue. A few blocks later, eastbound PA 462 heads from Columbia Avenue onto West King Street, which carries two lanes of one-way traffic eastbound. Eastbound PA 462 continues along West King Street and westbound PA 23/PA 462 continues along West Walnut Street, with eastbound PA 23 following West Chestnut Street one block south of westbound PA 23/PA 462. The one-way pair continues east through urban residential areas. Eastbound PA 462 intersects the eastern terminus of PA 999 at Manor Street. The route heads into the commercial downtown of Lancaster, where it intersects one-way southbound US 222/PA 272 at Prince Street. A short distance later, PA 462 crosses one-way northbound PA 72 at Queen Street. The eastbound direction along King Street intersects Queen Street at Penn Square, where the Soldiers and Sailors Monument is located. The Central Market is located to the northwest of the square and the Lancaster County Convention Center is to the southeast of the square. Past this intersection, the route becomes East King Street eastbound and East Walnut Street westbound, intersecting one-way northbound US 222/PA 272 at North Lime Street at the east end of downtown. Following this, PA 462 passes more homes and industrial establishments in the eastern part of the city. At North Broad Street, westbound PA 462 splits from westbound PA 23, and the two directions of PA 462 rejoin along East King Street.[2][4]

PA 462 follows East King Street, a five-lane road with a center left-turn lane, out of Lancaster and back into Lancaster Township, passing through residential areas. The road loses the center turn lane as it continues east past homes. The route crosses the Conestoga River into East Lampeter Township and becomes a four-lane divided highway, heading into commercial areas and intersecting the western terminus of PA 340 in the community of Bridgeport. PA 462 becomes Lincoln Highway and becomes a four-lane road with two eastbound lane, one westbound lane, and a center left-turn lane, passing businesses before continuing through suburban residential areas. The road runs east-southeast past more suburban development and widens into a four-lane divided highway as it comes to the Strasburg Pike intersection. PA 462 passes businesses before it comes to its eastern terminus at an interchange with the eastern end of the US 30 freeway. At this point, the Lincoln Highway continues east as part of US 30.[2][4]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
York West Manchester Township 0.000 0.000 US 30 (Lincoln Highway) – Gettysburg, Lancaster Interchange, Western terminus
West York 1.474 2.372 PA 234 west (East Berlin Road) Eastern terminus of PA 234
1.848 2.974 PA 182 east (Hokes Mill Road) Western terminus of PA 182
York 3.173 5.106 PA 74 north (Carlisle Avenue) – Dover, Dillsburg Western terminus of PA 74 concurrency
4.173 6.716 I‑83 Bus. (George Street)
4.473 7.199 PA 74 south (Queen Street) Eastern terminus of PA 74 concurrency
Springettsbury Township 6.157 9.909 I-83 – Harrisburg, Baltimore Exit 19 (I-83)
7.953 12.799 PA 24 (Mt. Zion Road, Edgewood Road) – Mount Wolf, Red Lion
Wrightsville 15.733 25.320 PA 624 south (Front Street) – Craley Northern terminus of PA 624
Susquehanna River 15.796 25.421 Columbia–Wrightsville Bridge
Lancaster Columbia 17.209 27.695 PA 441 (3rd Street) – Marietta, Washington Boro
Manor Township 24.957 40.164 PA 741 (Millersville Road, Rohrerstown Road) – East Petersburg, New Danville
Lancaster 26.988 43.433 PA 23 west (Marietta Avenue) Western terminus of PA 23 concurrency westbound
27.720 44.611 PA 999 west (Manor Street) Eastern terminus of PA 999, Access to PA 462 eastbound only
27.984 45.036 US 222 / PA 272 south (Prince Street) Southbound only
28.096 45.216 PA 72 north (Queen Street) Northbound only
28.329 45.591 US 222 / PA 272 north (Lime Street) Northbound only
29.082 46.803 PA 23 east (East Chestnut Street/East Walnut Street) Eastern terminus of PA 23 concurrency westbound
29.974 48.238 PA 340 east (Old Philadelphia Pike) Western terminus of PA 340
East Lampeter Township 31.889 51.320 US 30 (Lincoln Highway) to PA 283 west – York, Harrisburg Interchange, Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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