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The Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex, located in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is the administrative hub of the government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. At the center of the complex is the State Capitol with its gilt and marble halls, vast rotunda, murals and sculpture, sparkling crystals and gold leaf. The Capitol Complex is the location of many of state agencies, as well as classic buildings, parks, plazas, fountains, and celebrated statuary.

The following buildings/sites make up the Capitol Complex:

Building Image Address Height Floors Built Notes
Pennsylvania State Capitol Rear Plaza 3.jpg 501 North 3rd Street
40°15′52″N 76°52′0″W / 40.26444°N 76.86667°W / 40.26444; -76.86667
272 feet (83 m) 5 1906 Contains the House of Representatives, Senate, offices for the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, and the Supreme Court's Harrisburg chamber
Rachel Carson State Office Building 400 Market Street
40°15′44.6″N 76°52′47.3″W / 40.262389°N 76.879806°W / 40.262389; -76.879806
230 feet (70 m) 17 1990 Named for environmentalist Rachel Carson. Contains the Departments of Conservation and Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
Labor and Industry Building 651 Boas Street 219 feet (67 m) 18 1955 Contains the Department of Labor and Industry.
Governor's Residence Pennsylvania Governor's Residence.jpg 2035 North Front Street 2 12 1968 Official residence of the Governor of Pennsylvania
Health and Welfare Building Health and Welfare Building, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.jpg 625 Forster Street 143 feet (44 m) 11 1955 Contains the Departments of Health and Public Welfare
Matthew Ryan Legislative Office Building Harrisburg Mar 5 2010 086.jpg Southwardly adjacent to the Capitol Building unknown 5 1893 Named for former Speaker of the Pennsylvania House Matthew J. Ryan. Contains offices for members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
Commonwealth Keystone Building 400 North Street unknown 10 2001 Houses offices of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and other state agencies. Replaced the 13-story Transportation and Safety Building which was built in 1963 and demolished in 1998.
K. Leroy Irvis Office Building 450 Commonwealth Avenue unknown 7 1921 Named for former Speaker of the Pennsylvania House K. Leroy Irvis
North Office Building 401 North Street unknown 7 1928
Northwest Office Building Capital and Forster Streets unknown 7 1939
Forum Building 607 South Drive unknown 6 1931 Contains the State Library
Finance Building 613 North Street unknown 5 1939 Contains the Pennsylvania Department of Finance.
Pennsylvania Judicial Center Pennsylvania Judicial Center.jpg 601 Commonwealth Avenue unknown 9 2010 Contains the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
Pennsylvania State Archives Pennsylvania State Museum and Archives.jpg 350 North Street unknown 20 1964
State Museum of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State Museum and Archives.jpg North 3rd and North Streets unknown 5 1964
Strawberry Square Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.jpg 303 Walnut Street 1980 Houses the offices of the State Civil Service Commission as well as the State Department of Revenue
Forum Place 555 Walnut Street unknown 9 1996 Houses Office of Budget and Social Secrurity

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