Penny Davies and Roger Ilott

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Penny Davies (born 1953) and Roger Ilott (born 1951), folk musicians from Queensland, Australia. They formed their duo in 1983 and began their own label Restless Music at that time. Their music is steeped in tradition yet influenced strongly by the folk rock music of their personal musical history. They are songwriters as well as interpreters of Australian folk.

Restless Music is their studio and independent label in regional Queensland, where they record their own work and that of other acoustic & spoken word performers. They are best known for their collaborations with the poet Bill Scott (author) - and have created many songs from the works of this Queensland poet, including a whole album of his songs entitled Opal Miner - The Songs of Bill Scott.Their songs have also featured on the bestselling ABC albums Australia All Over Volumes One and Two, Macca On Air,Macca's Sunday Best and Macca By Request - Volumes 1 and 2. Penny & Roger have released more than 20 albums on the Restless label. They have been featured artists at folk festivals, including Woodford, Sydney, Sawtell, Yagubi, Illawarra, Bulli, Cabarlah, Helidon and Glen Innes, as well as various National Folk Festivals, and toured extensively for the Queensland Arts Council visiting more than 70 outback and far north towns.

Partial Discography[edit]

  • 1983: Restless RM001 LP/ re-issued on CD in 2006 by GUERSSEN RECORDS
  • 1984: The Proud & Careless Notes …RM002 LP
  • 1986: Birchgrove Quay RM012 REVIEW
  • 1990: Fair Wind Home RM024
  • 1992: Backbone of the Nation – The Women of Australia RM035
  • 1998 Outback Café RM067 CD
  • 1999: Opal Miner – The Songs of Bill Scott (author) RM075
  • 2001: Heart of Town RM080
  • 2006: Big Water RM100
  • 2009: Moon Caller RM138
  • 2012: Boomerang Bay RM156
  • 2013: Bush Baroque – 30 Year Retrospective RM037
  • 2015: ...and both shall row ... RM173