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Pennyrile Parkway marker

Pennyrile Parkway
Route information
Length: 71.306 mi[1] (114.756 km)
Major junctions
South end: I-24 near Hopkinsville

US 41 Alt. in Hopkinsville
US 41 / KY 109 in Hopkinsville
US 68 / KY 80 in Hopkinsville
US 41 near Nortonville
US 62 in Nortonville
I-69 / Western Kentucky Parkway near Nortonville
US 41 in Madisonville

Audubon Parkway in Henderson
North end: I-69 / US 41 in Henderson
Counties: Christian, Hopkins, Webster, Henderson
Highway system

The Edward T. Breathitt Pennyrile Parkway is a 71.306-mile-long (114.756 km) controlled-access highway from Henderson to Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The parkway begins at Henderson as a continuation of the limited-access U.S. Route 41 (US 41) at exit 81; the northernmost three miles (4.8 km) of the Pennyrile Parkway are signed as US 41. It travels south through rolling hills to its southern terminus at Interstate 24 (I-24) south of Hopkinsville. A seven-mile (11 km) section was left unconstructed from US 41 Alternate south to I-24 despite its approval in 1976 from the Parkway Authority for construction. This connection was completed and opened to the public on March 1, 2011.[2] The first 1.8 miles (2.9 km) of the extension to the US 68 bypass (exit 6) were completed and opened to traffic in September 2008. The construction was then completed to exit 5, with the final section to I-24 opened on March 1, 2011.

The next phase of the extension—now completed—encompassed the portion of the parkway between US 41 Alternate and I-24. As of May 2010, the Lover's Lane interchange (exit 5) is open to local traffic via US 68 ramp (exit 5). The final segment, from US 68 to I-24, opened on March 1, 2011.

It is one of nine highways that are part of Kentucky's parkway system. The section between the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway near Mortons Gap and the northern terminus in Henderson became part of I-69 with the passage of federal legislation on June 6, 2008. The length of the road carries the unsigned designation Kentucky Route 9004 (EB 9004). From the Western Kentucky Parkway to interchange 148 (formerly interchange 76), the Pennyrile Parkway also carries the signed designation of I-69, effective November 16, 2015.[3] North of Interchange 148, the Pennyrile Parkway runs concurrently with US 41.

The road is named after Edward T. Breathitt, a former Kentucky governor. Originally called the Pennyrile Parkway from its opening in October 1969 at a cost of $69.2 million, it was renamed for Breathitt in 2000.

The parkway passes the cities of Madisonville, Sebree, Mortons Gap, Slaughters, and Earlington. It intersects with the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway near Madisonville, and with the Audubon Parkway just south of Henderson. Interstate 69 follows the Pennyrile Parkway from Henderson to the Western Kentucky Parkway interchange at Madisonville. At this interchange, I-69 turns west and follows the Western Kentucky Parkway toward Eddyville, while the Pennyrile Parkway continues south toward Hopkinsville.


The Pennyrile Parkway previously used a green shield.

The Pennyrile Parkway, as with all nine parkways, was originally a toll road. By Kentucky state law, toll collection ceases when enough toll has been collected or funds received from other sources, such as a legislative appropriation, to pay off the construction bonds for the parkway. In the case of the Pennyrile, toll booths were removed in 1992 when bonds were paid off ten years ahead of schedule.

A section near the middle of the parkway, in the Madisonville area, was free from tolls from the road's opening; this section was also signed as US 41. The US 41 designation has since been removed and applied to the former US 41A through Madisonville and other nearby cities; this road was the original US 41 before the parkway opened. This redesignation followed a horrendous blizzard on January 17, 1994, which forced the Governor of Kentucky to close all Interstates and limited access highways in the state. Heavy trucks were forced to take US 41A through downtown Madisonville for a week, snarling local traffic.

Exit list[edit]

Kentucky is in the process of renumbering exits between I-69/Western Kentucky Parkway interchange and the parkway's northern terminus in Henderson to reflect I-69 mileage through the state.[4]

County Location mi[1] km Old exit New exit Destinations Notes
Christian Hopkinsville 0.000 0.000 I-24 – Nashville, Paducah I-24 exit 81; exit 1 is for 24 west
5.175 8.328 5 Lover's Lane – Hopkinsville Serves James E. Bruce Convention Center
6.000 9.656 6
US 68 Byp. – Hopkinsville
7.000 11.265 7
US 41 Alt. – Hopkinsville, Fort Campbell
Southern terminus until 2009
7.935 12.770 8 US 41 – Hopkinsville, Pembroke south end of US 41 Truck overlap
9.359 15.062 9 US 68 / KY 80 – Hopkinsville, Elkton Serves Jefferson Davis Monument State Historic Site and the Hopkinsville-Christian County Airport
11.697 18.824 12 KY 1682 / US 41 north – Hopkinsville north end of US 41 Truck overlap; serves Hopkinsville Community College
Crofton 22.653 36.456 23 KY 800 – Crofton Serves Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park
Hopkins Nortonville 29.568 47.585 30 US 41 south Southbound exit and northbound entrance
32.861 52.885 33 US 62 – Nortonville, Greenville
34.271 55.154 34 34/106 I-69 south / Western Kentucky Parkway – Elizabethtown, Paducah South end of I-69 overlap; signed southbound as 106 A and B; and northbound as exits 34A (east) and 34B (west/south)
Mortons Gap 37.070 59.658 37 108 KY 813 – Mortons Gap
Earlington 39.794 64.042 40 111 KY 2171 – Earlington, Madisonville
Madisonville 42.418 68.265 42 114 KY 70 – Madisonville, Central City
44.337 71.353 44 116
US 41 Alt. / KY 281 – Madisonville, Providence
Serves Madisonville Community College
45.206 72.752 117 US 41 north – Madisonville Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Hanson 48.979 78.824 49 120 KY 260 – Hanson
Slaughters 54.070 87.017 54 125 KY 138 – Dixon, Calhoun
Webster Sebree 62.637 100.804 63 134 KY 56 – Sebree, Owensboro
Henderson Robards 68.363 110.020 68 140 KY 416 Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Henderson 76.258 122.725 76 148/10 US 41 to Audubon Parkway to KY 425 – Morganfield
I-69 temporary ends
Serves Henderson Community College and the Henderson City-County Airport; North end of I-69 overlap; south end of US-41 overlap. Signed as 148 A/B northbound, and as Exit 10 A/B southbound.
Temporary Northern terminus of I-69 at U.S. Route 41
77.210 124.257 77 11 Audubon Parkway east – Owensboro
78.306 126.021 78 12 KY 2084 south Southbound exit and northbound entrance
79 13 KY 351 – Zion, Henderson
81 14
US 60 / US 41 Alt. – Owensboro, Henderson, Evansville, Frankfort, Lexington, Louisville
Signed as exits 81A (east) and 81B (west/south). Highway continues north as US-41 toward Evansville, Indiana.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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