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Asiatic Pennywort

Pennywort is a common name given to several different plants around the world. In general they have round leaves and a low-growing habit. Pennywort may refer to:

  • In Asia: the edible Asiatic pennywort, Centella asiatica, also known as centella, Indian pennywort, or gotukola.
  • In Europe: Navelwort, Umbilicus rupestris (formerly Cotyledon umbilicus), known as penny-pies, wall pennywort, or kidneywort, a succulent, perennial flowering plant in the stonecrop family Crassulaceae.
  • Water pennywort, the genus Hydrocotyle, known as floating pennywort,[1] Indian pennywort, marsh penny, thick-leaved pennywort, or even white rot, aquatic or semi-aquatic plants such as the edible dollarweed, Hydrocotyle umbellata.
  • Liver leaf, Anemone hepatica, also known as liverwort.
  • Virginian pennywort, Obolaria virginica.
  • Cymbalaria muralis.
  • Cymbalaria aequitriloba, tiny ivy-like leaves with copious purple-pink flowers with yellow throats.


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