Penrod and Sam

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Penrod and Sam
First edition
Author Booth Tarkington
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Doubleday Page & Co
Publication date
Media type Print (hardcover)
Preceded by Penrod
Followed by Penrod Jashber

Penrod and Sam is a novel by Booth Tarkington that was first published in 1916. The book is the sequel to his 1914 work, Penrod, and focuses more on the relationship between the main character of the previous book, Penrod Schofield, and his best friend, Sam Williams. More of Penrod's adventures appear in the final book of the series Penrod Jashber (1929). The three books were published together in one volume, Penrod: His Complete Story, in 1931.

Film adaptations[edit]

Penrod and Sam was the most popular of Tarkington's Penrod series among film makers, with three separate adaptations eventually being produced:

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