Pension Towers

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Pension Towers
General information
Type Commercial
Location Lumumba Avenue
Kampala, Uganda
Coordinates 0°19′18″N 32°34′37″E / 0.321667°N 32.576950°E / 0.321667; 32.576950Coordinates: 0°19′18″N 32°34′37″E / 0.321667°N 32.576950°E / 0.321667; 32.576950
Construction started August 2008
Completed August 2018 (Expected)
Technical details
Floor count 25

Pension Towers is a building under construction in Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the largest city in that country.


The skyscraper is located on Lumumba Avenue, on Nakasero Hill, an upsclale neighborhood in the central business district of Kampala (pop.1,659,600)[when?].


Under construction since 2008, the office complex consists of three interconnected towers; one central tower of 25 stories in height, flanked on either side by a ten-story tower. When finished, the three towers will contain in excess of 59,410 square metres (639,500 sq ft) in office space. Parking for over 500 vehicles will be provided in the development.[1]


National Social Security Fund (Uganda) (NSSF), currently maintains its headquarters in Workers House on Pilkington Avenue. In order to take advantage of the shortage of upscale commercial rental space in the city, NSSF began the construction of a headquarters complex in 2008. Initially the design called for a central tower of 25 stories, with matching 8 story towers on each side of the central building.[2] In 2011, the design was changed, increasing the side towers to 10 stories each and modifying the architecture.

Roko Construction Company, a Ugandan company, constructed the four basement floors between 2008 and 2012, but failed to qualify for further works on the project. Three Chinese firms were in a final bidding process to complete the construction.[3]

Construction costs[edit]

Phase I of the civil works, which was performed by Roko Construction, cost UGX:42.5 billion. In August 2012, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) was awarded the contract to complete the construction of the second phase of the project at a contract price of UGX:222.3 billion. This brings the total construction price to UGX:264.8 billion.[4]


In August 2012, it came to light that the selection of the contractor had contravened Uganda's procurement protocols. The winning bid was reported to be UGX:20 billion more expensive than the lowest bidder. The Inspector General of Government (IGG) stepped in and voided the award. An NSSF manager responsible for "procurement and disposal" was fired.[5] In the meantime, the IGG has recommended that the whole tendering process be repeated and outsourced. The jostling for the way forward continues between NSSF, the IGG, and the government's Public Procurement Disposal of Public Assets Authority.[6]

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