Pentagon Force Protection Agency

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Pentagon Force Protection Agency
Seal of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.png
Seal of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency
Motto"Protecting those Who Protect Our Nation"
Agency overview
FormedMay 3, 2002
Preceding agency
Jurisdictional structure
Federal agency
(Operations jurisdiction)
United States
Operations jurisdictionUnited States
Legal jurisdictionThe Pentagon and National Capital Region
General nature
HeadquartersThe Pentagon

Agency executive
  • Jonathan Cofer, Director;
    Woodrow Kusse, Chief of the U.S. Pentagon Police
Parent agencyDepartment of Defense
Child agency

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) is an American law enforcement agency within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) charged with protecting and safeguarding the occupants, visitors, and infrastructure of The Pentagon, the Mark Center Building, the Defense Health Headquarters, and other assigned Pentagon facilities.

This mission is accomplished with law enforcement officers (United States Pentagon Police), criminal investigative and protective services agents; threat management agents; chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives technicians; and anti-terrorism/force protection and physical security personnel.



In late 2016, Mr. Jonathan H. Cofer became the third Director of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency as Mr. Steven E. Calvery the Director of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, a Senior Executive Service position within the Office of the Director of Administration and Management retired. Prior to his last appointment Calvery served as the Director of Law Enforcement and Security within the Department of Interior. Mr. Calvery graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

On May 1, 2006, Calvery was selected as the Director of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. He was responsible for providing a full range of services to protect people, facilities, infrastructure and other resources at the Pentagon Reservation and in DoD-occupied facilities in the National Capital Region. Within this scope he exercised the authorities of the Secretary of Defense under 10 U.S.C 2674 with respect to force protection, security, and law enforcement. He was the DoD principle liaison with state and local authorities and communicates directly with DoD components and other executive departments and agencies in carrying out these assigned responsibilities and functions.

The first Director of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency was John N. Jester Jr., who previously served as the Pentagon police chief.[1][2]

Under the guidance and direction of the former Director Mr. Steven Calvery and the current Director Mr. Jonathan Cofer the Pentagon Force Protection Agency provides a comprehensive protective intelligence analysis capability, which includes threat analysis, threat investigation, and criminal intelligence services to protect Pentagon facilities, employees and senior DoD personnel. The Pentagon Force Protection Agency liaises with other federal law enforcement and intelligence communities and conducts threat assessments and investigations for protective details while they are in the National Capital Region.

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