Pentecost III

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Pentecost III
Pentecost III.jpg
EP by Anathema
Released May 1, 1995
Recorded June 1994, at The Academy, Yorkshire
Genre Death/doom, gothic metal
Length 41:25
Label Peaceville Records
Producer Anathema
Anathema chronology
Pentecost III
The Silent Enigma
(1995)The Silent Enigma1995
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]

Pentecost III is an EP by the British doom metal band Anathema. It was recorded in 1994 but, due to a merging between labels Peaceville Records and Music For Nations, was not released until 1995. By this time, Darren White had been ousted from the band, whose remaining members were already working on their next album, The Silent Enigma. Pentecost III was re-issued as on one CD with The Crestfallen in 2001.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by White, all music written by Anathema.

1."Kingdom" (lyrics by White/music by D. Cavanagh)9:30
2."Mine Is Yours to Drown In (Ours Is the New Tribe)" (lyrics by White/music by D. Cavanagh)5:40
3."We, the Gods" (lyrics by White/music by Patterson, D. Cavanagh)10:00
4."Pentecost III" (D. Cavanagh)3:55
5."Memento Mori (The song "Memento Mori" ends at 8:13. The hidden track "Horses/666" starts at 9:13, after 1 minute of silence.)" (lyrics by White/music by D. Cavanagh, V. Cavanagh)12:20
Total length:41:25


  • The album's liner notes state that "Pentecost III is dedicated to Tony Doyle, to Lin Mari Lowles, and to all the people who shared the grief of the terrible tragedy that befell us all this year 1994". Tony and Lin were two old friends of Anathema. Tony died from heart complications in his early twenties and on the way to the funeral, Lin died in a traffic accident.
  • The track "Memento Mori" contains the hidden track "Horses / 666." On the Pentecost III/Crestfallen EP re-issue this hidden track is moved to the end of 'They Die', the last track on the disc.



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