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Penteo Demo Room at the 2008 Audio Engineering Show in San Francisco

Penteo Surround, Inc. (Penteo) is a digital audio software vendor that markets ADL’s Penteo plug-ins for stereo-to-5.1 and stereo to 7.1 surround upmixing. As an up-mixer, Penteo transforms any stereo recording, soundtrack, DJ mix or live television broadcast into surround sound. Penteo claims that its technology results in a more natural and more precise sounding surround experience without generating any artificial & unwanted sounds, and only Penteo is 100% ITU down-mix compatible back to the original stereo track.


The Penteo process was first demonstrated publicly at the Surround Expo in Los Angeles in 2005 by John Wheeler of San Francisco, CA.

In 2009, Penteo Surround LLC was founded and marketed Penteo 1: a hardware based up-mix unit running a mashup of open source and 3rd party code. The technology was used extensively on the Watchmen and Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds motion picture productions.

In 2010, after an investment in Penteo from the private equity company TCG LLC, Penteo Surround LLC was converted into Penteo Surround, Inc.

In 2011, Penteo Surround, Inc. signed a partnership with Audiotech Digital Limited (ADL). ADL took on the development of a completely new code base & worldwide distribution for a new software plug-in.

In 2012, Penteo released the beta version of the new Penteo plug-in, called Penteo 3 Pro. The Penteo 3 Pro beta version was downloaded and tested by over 100 mixers from major television, recording and motion picture studios.

In April 2013, ADL’s Penteo 3 Pro was released and available for free trials. Penteo 3 Pro was completely re-written and has replaced the Penteo 1 hardware unit in the market. Penteo 3 Pro has been used extensively in film and television work including Dave Grohl’s Sound City, Seth Rogan’s This is The End, FX’s The Americans, and Cinemax’s Hunted.

Released in March of 2014, Penteo 4 Pro added new features, AAX support for native 64 bit sound processing. Penteo 4 Pro is in use by sound designers, mixers, composers and recording studios across 16 countries.

Penteo 4 Pro was awarded the 2014 Editor's Choice Award by industry analyst firm Pro-Tools-Expert and has been nominated by Resolution Magazine as one of '2014's Best Audio Plug-Ins".

In April, 2015, the Penteo 7 Pro Suite was released. The Penteo 7 Pro Suite contains 12 software plug-ins with a new & improved DSP, the ability to upmix stereo to 7.1 in addition to 5.1, Audiosuite for latency-free rendering, surround bed for Dolby Atmos and other higher channel formats, non-LFE bussed solutions for musical scoring, and a wide range of mixer control improvements.

The Penteo 7 Pro Suite was reviewed by industry analyst firm Pro-Tools-Expert and was awarded their 2015 Editor's Choice Award for best Upmixer.

Released in May, 2015, Penteo 5 Composer has all-new and improved DSP which provides the best sounding, fastest and easiest way to upmix 5.1 surround for VST or AU format hosts. Penteo 5 Composer added a totally new & enhanced DSP, expanded fader control ranges, full 32/64 bit support for VST and AU formats, a more intuitive interface, VST3 implementation for improved sample-accurate automation and improved usage controls.

Released in October, 2015, Penteo 7 Pro was enhanced by adding Windows support, DSP enhancements, and certified for Pro Tools 12.

The Penteo 7 Pro Suite Technical Specifications[edit]

Security: PACE iLok 2

Platforms Supported: Mac OS X 10.6 or later and Windows 7 or later

Formats: AAX32/64


  • Pro Tools HD 10, 11, 12
  • Pro Tools non-HD (CPT required/CPT 2 required)

Penteo 5 Composer Technical Specifications[edit]

Security: PACE iLok 2

Platforms Supported: Mac OS X 10.6 or later, Windows 7 or later.

Formats: VST 32/64 bit, AU 32/64 bit.

Hosts: Any VST/AU compatible host including Logic Pro, Pyramix, Reaper and others.

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