Penumbra (band)

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Origin Paris, France
Genres Symphonic metal, gothic metal
Years active 1996 - 2010, 2015 - present
Labels Serenades, Season of Mist
Website Official Page

Penumbra is a gothic metal band from Paris, France and formed in 1996. Their music is characterized by using a classical mixture of female and male voices, Gregorian chants, bagpipes and other unconventional elements.

"Penumbra" refers to the part of the shadow where the light source is only partially blocked. Part of the light passes through the edges of the object causing a partial shadow.



Jarlaath (Maxime Meheust) and Dorian are the original founders of the group, who meet at a concert in 1996. Both share a similar vision of music: they are indeed there too many bands with a similar sound, too low borrowing classical influences. So they decide to register, and shortly after they leave their groups to form Imperatoria.

Around November 1996, Imperatoria separates, and Jarlaath and Neo (guitar) create a new group, known as Penumbra. It was after a trip to the US where Neo meets the Argentines as the "Penumbra" (Spanish translation of "Twilight") is given to the new group. Dorian joined, and three other musicians. Their first appearance takes place at the St. Denis University Festival in 1997, which appearance was well received by the public. Shortly after, it is proposed to accompany their tour of the metal band Misanthrope. The same year they released their first self-produced demo, "Falling Into My Soul."


By the middle of 1998, Benedicte, the keyboardist, left the band to join Misanthrope. It is replaced by Zoltan. Medusa and Elise joined training as singers Sopranos and Amaris as a baritone. The band recorded its first album, Emanate, on the second half of the year.

Between 1999 and 2000, Penumbra performs in concert in various occasions in France, including Bordeaux and Lyon, Switzerland, and the Leipzig festival.

The Last Bewitchment[edit]

The second album was titled The Last Bewitchment, released three years later in 2002, after an extensive line-up changes in 2001. Following the album publication by Season of Mist , Penumbr performed with Within Temptation and After Forever in France, specially in the Netherlands.


In 2003 released Seclusion the third album. The special feature of this album is the guest appearance of the musician Loïc Taillebrest, the bagpipes on the title track, as well as the flute on some other tracks on the album.

Era 4.0[edit]

The band split around the beginning of 2010, before reforming in 2013 for the composition of their new album, titled Era 4.0 released in 2015 by themselves.



  • Jarlaath - Vocals, Oboe (1996–present)
  • Agone - Bass, vocals (2001–present)
  • Neo - neo Guitar (2001–present)
  • Arathelis - drums (2003–present)
  • Loic - Guitar (2004–present)
  • Asphodel - Vocals (2006–present)


Studio albums[edit]


  • Falling Into My Soul (1997)
  • Emanate (1997)
  • The Last Bewitchment (2001)
  • Eerie Shelter (2007)


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