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Fishing lofts on Porthmeor Beach

The Penwith Society of Arts is an art group formed in St Ives, Cornwall, England, UK, in early 1949 by abstract artists who broke away from the more conservative St Ives School.[1] It was originally led by Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson, and included members of the Crypt Group of the St Ives Society, including Peter Lanyon and Sven Berlin. Other early members included: Leonard Fuller, Alexander Mackenzie, John Wells, Bryan Wynter, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, David Haughton, Denis Mitchell, and the printer Guido Morris. Herbert Read was invited to be the first president.[2]

The group bought fishing lofts along Porthmeor beach to use as artists' studios.

Current full members

The current[when?] full members are:

  • Noel Betowski
  • Jason Lilley
  • Naomi Frears
  • Mary Crockett
  • Anthony Frost
  • Sutton Taylor
  • Simeon Stafford
  • Rachael Kantaris
  • Clive Blackmore
  • Chris Buck
  • Stephen Clutterbuck
  • Roy Conn
  • Margrit Clegg
  • July Collins
  • Peter Wray
  • John Emmanuel
  • Paul Feiler
  • Alan John
  • Liz Hunter
  • Robert Jones
  • Kathy McNally
  • June Miles
  • Kate Nicholson
  • Daphne McClure
  • Sheila Oliner
  • John Piper
  • Mike Praed
  • Lieke Ritman
  • Tommy Rowe
  • Jennifer Semmens
  • Vincent Wilson
  • Mark Verry
  • Michael Sheppard
  • Debbie Prosser
  • Jane Yates
  • Christine Feiler
  • Paula Downing


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