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Area Gwynedd
Coordinates 53°03′09″N 4°17′19″W / 53.0524°N 4.2886°W / 53.0524; -4.2886Coordinates: 53°03′09″N 4°17′19″W / 53.0524°N 4.2886°W / 53.0524; -4.2886
Grid reference SH 466 530
Original company Nantlle Railway
Caernarvonshire Railway
Pre-grouping London and North Western Railway
Post-grouping London, Midland and Scottish Railway
Platforms 2 plus bay[1]
11 August 1856 Opened by the Nantlle Railway
12 June 1865 Closed[2]
2 September 1867 Reopened by the Carnarvonshire Railway as "Pen-y-Groes"[3][4]
1904 Renamed "Penygroes"
7 December 1964 Closed[5][6][7]
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Penygroes railway station was located in Penygroes, Gwynedd, Wales.[8]

The narrow gauge, horse-drawn Nantlle Railway had a station near the site from 1856 until 1865, when it was closed to be replaced and updated to standard gauge with contemporary facilities. It reopened in its eventual form in 1867 and closed in December 1964. The station served as the junction station[9] for the short branch to Nantlle which was overlain in 1872 on part of the former Nantlle Railway route, but its main purpose was for traffic on the former Carnarvonshire Railway line from Caernarvon to Afon Wen and beyond.[10]

When the line and station were first opened in 1867 a locomotive was hired from the Cambrian Railways. A Cambrian driver, who had never been over the line before, was retained to drive the first directors' inspection special from Afon Wen to Carnarvon (Pant). On the return journey the loco ran short of coal and ran out of steam at Penygroes. There was some peat in a nearby field, which the crew dug and the directors carried to the engine enabling steam to be raised.[11]

The passenger service along the Nantlle Branch was withdrawn in 1932, though excursions continued until 1939. The station and line closed on 7 December 1964 as recommended in the Beeching Report.

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Line and Station closed
  Carnarvonshire Railway   Pant Glas
Line and Station closed
Terminus   Carnarvonshire Railway
Nantlle Branch
Line and Station closed


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