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People's Artist of Albania was an honorary title for the decoration of outstanding art performers of People's Socialist Republic of Albania, whose merits were exceptional in the sphere of development of the performing arts (theatre, music, cinema and Art). It was created by law in 1960 and amended in 1980. The title was no longer given in Albania after the law was amended in 1996. The equivalent of it became the "Grand Master of Work" title, that was also substituted with the "Grand Master" title after the 2001's amendment of the 1996 law.[1][2][3][4]

Its recipients include many of the most-acclaimed composers, dancers, singers, film and theatre directors and actors.

Normally, a person was named the People's Artist after 40 years of age. Exception was made for ballet artists.

Theatre and Cinematography Recipients[edit]





Music directors and Composers[edit]

Figurative Arts[edit]

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