People's Democratic Party (Ukraine)

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People's Democratic Party
Народно-демократична партія
Russian name Народно-демократическая партия
Leader Lyudmyla Suprun[1]
Founded February 24, 1996; 22 years ago (1996-02-24)
May 30, 1996 (registered)
Merger of Party of Democratic Revival, Toiling Congress of Ukraine, Union of Support of Crimea
Headquarters Kiev
Newspaper Ukraine and World Today weekly
Youth wing People's Democratic League of youth
Women wing Action
Ecological wing All-Ukrainian Ecological League
Membership (2012) 185,000
National affiliation Our Choice - Leonid Kuchma!
For United Ukraine
We Know How
Ukrainian Regional Asset
International affiliation None
Colours Green
Website[permanent dead link]

The People's Democratic Party (Ukrainian: Народно-демократична партія; Narodno-Demokratychna Partiya NDP) is a political party that was established in Ukraine on February 24, 1996. It was registered with the Ministry of Justice on May 30, 1996. The party is russophone. For identification purposes the party often uses its abbreviation NDP.


The People's Democratic Party was established at its constituent congress in Kiev. The party was created through a merger of three political parties Party of Democratic Revival of Ukraine, Toiling Congress of Ukraine, Union of Support for Republic of Crimea, two public organizations Union of Students of Ukraine and the New Wave and two political clubs the New Ukraine and the Association of young Ukrainian politicians and political scientists. The new party chairman was elected Anatoliy Matviyenko.

The party had a flying start, at the parliamentary elections 1998 the party gained 5% of the votes and 28 seats in Parliament. At the time of the election the party's key member, Valeriy Pustovoitenko, was prime minister. Pustovoitenko became the party's leader in May 1999 until April 2006. In September 2001 into the party was merged the Interregional Bloc of Reforms (MBR).[2]

At the parliamentary elections 2002 the party was part of the For United Ukraine alliance, the alliance won 11.77% of the popular vote and a total of 102 out of 450 seats in the Ukrainian Parliament.

At the parliamentary elections 2006 the NDP took part in the alliance Block of people's democratic parties but this alliance did not overcome the 3% threshold (winning only 0.49% of the votes) and therefore no seats. After taking responsibility for the defeat Valeriy Pustovoitenko resigned as leader of the party. In his place the party was led by Lyudmyla Suprun.

In the 2007 elections, the party failed again as part of the Ukrainian Regional Asset to win parliamentary representation. The current Chairman of the NDP is still Lyudmyla Suprun.[1]

In the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election the party competed in/for 9 constituencies (seats);[3] but it won in none and thus missed parliamentary representation.[4]

The Party did not participate in the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election.[5]

Election results[edit]

Supreme Council of Ukraine
Year Popular vote % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Government
1998 1,331,460 5.2%
28 / 450
Increase 28 coalition government
2002 For United Ukraine bloc
17 / 450
Decrease 11 coalition government
2006 Block of People's Democratic Parties
0 / 450
Decrease 17 N/A
2007 Suprun bloc - URA
0 / 450
Steady N/A
2012 partial participation
0 / 450
Steady N/A

Party's Values[edit]

Person - Family - Prosperity - Ukraine

Associated organizations[edit]

  • Association of Deputies "Trust"
  • Cultural center "Ukraine Spiritual"



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