People's National Convention (Ghana)

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People's National Convention
Leader Edward Mahama
Chairman Bernard Mornah
General Secretary Atik Mohammed
Vice Chairman Henry Haruna
Founder Hilla Limann
Founded 27 July 1992 (1992-07-27)
Headquarters Arts Centre, Accra
Ideology Nkrumaism,
Colors Red, green and white
Slogan Eye kube
Service with honesty
6th Parliament
4th Republic
1 / 275
Election symbol
Palm tree
Party flag
Pnc-ghana flag.gif

The People's National Convention is a political party in Ghana.

The party elected new officials in 2016, electing Edward Mahama back ask presidential candidate and General Secretary Bernard Mornah becoming the Chairman.[1]

At the elections, 7 December 2004, the party was part of the Grand Coalition, that won 4 out of 230 seats. Edward Mahama, candidate of the Grand Coalition won 1.9% of the vote at the presidential elections. At the December 2008 elections, the party won 2 seats in Parliament. For the fourth time in a row, Edward Mahama was the presidential candidate. He received 0.8% of the vote. Hassan Ayariga was elected in 2011 by the party to stand in the Ghanaian presidential election, 2012.[2] Hassan Ayariga received 0.22% of the vote in the 2012 General Elections.[3]

Electoral performance[edit]

The PNC has contested all national elections since the inception of the fourth republic apart from the 1992 Ghanaian parliamentary election, which was boycotted along with other opposition parties.

Parliamentary elections[edit]

Election Number of PNC votes Share of votes Seats Outcome of election
2012 72,618 0.66% 1 Minority in parliament
2008 117,732 1.4% 2 Minority in parliament[4]
2004 186,226 2.1% 4 Minority in parliament[5]
2000 224,657 3.4% 3 Minority in parliament[6]
1996 5 Minority in parliament[7]
1992 boycotted The minority parties boycotted the election[8]

Presidential elections[edit]

Election Candidate Number of votes Share of votes Outcome of election
2012 Hassan Ayariga 24,617 0.22% Minority[9]
2008 Edward Mahama 73,494 0.9% Minority[10]
2004 Edward Mahama 165,375 1.9% Minority[11]
2000 Edward Mahama 189,659 2.5% Minority[12]
1996 Edward Mahama 3.0% Minority[13]
1992 Hilla Limann 266,728 6.7% Minority[14]