People's Park Centre

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People's Park Centre
People's Park Centre.JPG
Location Chinatown, Singapore
Address 101 Upper Cross Street
No. of floors 13 commercial (4 retail), 20 residential

People's Park Centre (Simplified Chinese: 珍珠大厦) is a medium-sized mixed-development shopping centre in the heart of Chinatown of Singapore. It is said to be the first shopping centre in Singapore. It neighbours People's Park Complex.


People's Park Centre is a mixed-use development which features four floors for retail shopping and a pair of towers which are used for office space and residential usage.

The main tower, reaching thirteen floors, hosts many of Singapore's law firms and the management office is also located on the fifth floor which provides a link between the management and the tenants. The smaller tower hosts a few offices and a considerable amount of residential space. The main shopping centre is located at the lower floors of the development and houses a wide variety of retailers dealing in Chinese handicrafts and a large array of Chinese oriented travel agencies.

Location and accessibility[edit]

It is located in Chinatown at the intersection of Eu Tong Sen Street and Upper Cross Street. It is adjacent to exit D of the Chinatown MRT station and near to almost 20 bus connections. It is located near the largest hospital in Singapore, Singapore General Hospital and the New Bridge Road Bus Terminal.


  • An overhead bridge links it to OG departmental store and the People's Park Cooked Food Centre.
  • An overhead bridge links it to Chinatown Point and Hong Lim Complex.
  • An overhead bridge links it to Furama City Centre hotel.

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