People's Party (Syria)

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People's Party

حزب الشعب
Founded1925 (1925)
Dissolved1963 (1963)
Political positionCentre-right
National affiliationNational Bloc (1928–47)

The People's Party (Arabic: حزب الشعبḤizb Al-Sha'ab; French: Parti du peuple) was a Syrian political party, that dominated Syrian politics during the 1950s and the early 1960s, for almost a decade. The party was founded in 1925 by Abd al-Rahman Shahbandar,[5] and alongside its rival, the National Party, was part of the National Bloc, a national coalition that played an important role in the Syrian struggle against the French mandate.[6]

In recent years there have been discussions about reviving the party in some form, following the liberalization of requirements for membership in the National Progressive Front, but this has not materialized.[7]


Leader Tenure Position(s)
Shahbandar7.jpg Abd al-Rahman Shahbandar 1925–1940 Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hashim Al Atassi.jpg Hashim al-Atassi 1940–1955 President of Syria
Nazim al-Kudsi.jpg Nazim al-Kudsi 1955–1963 President of Syria


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