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People's World
Owner(s) Long View Publishing Co.
Founded 1924; 94 years ago (1924)
Political alignment Communist Party USA
Language English, Spanish
City Chicago, Illinois
Country United States

The People's World, in Spanish known as the Mundo Popular, is a bilingual news website associated with the Communist Party USA.


The newspaper, formerly named People's Daily World and later People's Weekly World, in Spanish Nuestro Mundo ("Our World"), is a national, grassroots daily newspaper. It is published by Long View Publishing Co. People's World came about when the Daily Worker, the east coast Communist Party USA daily newspaper, which was founded in 1924, and the Communist Party USA's west coast daily newspaper, The Daily People's World, merged to become People's Weekly World.

People's World reports on and analyzes what it sees as the pressing issues and struggles of the day: the movements for jobs, peace, equality, democracy, civil rights and liberties, labor, immigrant, LGBT and women's rights, protection of the environment, and more. provides the same coverage in Spanish.[1]

People's World is funded by its supporters and published by a small staff, and a network of volunteers. The newspaper is a member of the International Labor Communications Association.

On January 1, 2010, the People's World became an online-only publication using Creative Commons license.


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