People's Youth (Portugal)

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People's Youth
Juventude Popular
President Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos
Secretary General Francisco Kreye
Founded September 18, 1974 (1974-09-18)
Headquarters 5 Largo Adelino Amaro da Costa
1149-063 Lisbon
Ideology Conservatism
Social conservatism
National conservatism
Classical liberalism
Soft euroscepticism
Mother party Democratic and Social Centre – People's Party
International affiliation International Young Democrat Union
European affiliation Democrat Youth Community of Europe
European Young Conservatives

The People's Youth (Portuguese: Juventude Popular) is a Portuguese political youth organisation. It is an autonomous organisation affiliated to the Democratic and Social Centre – People's Party (CDS–PP).[1]

It is a member of the Democrat Youth Community of Europe, the European Young Conservatives and the International Young Democrat Union.

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos was elected President of the People's Youth on 13 December 2015, in Peniche.

By 2018, the People's Youth has an estimated membership of over 21 000.

Gonçalo Begonha Policy Institute[edit]

The Gonçalo Begonha Studies Office (Gabinete de Estudos Gonçalo Begonha) is policy institute responsible for political and ideological formation within the People's Youth. It was named after Gonçalo Botelho Gomes Begonha (born 14 September 1980), who was an important member of the People's Youth and a member of its board for several times. Additionally, Gonçalo Begonha was an important municipal leader of the People's Youth until his premature death in the summer of 2003. Due to Begonha's love for books and culture, his name was given to the Studies Offices of the People's Youth.

According to the statutes of the People's Youth, the GEGB is the organization responsible not only with the political and ideological formation of its members, but also with supporting the Youth with the technical support needed for its proposals and projects. Its functions include the following:

  • Develop the needed research to promote and sustain the political intervention of the People's Youth;
  • Promote debate inside and outside the organisation on matters of political relevance;
  • Elaborate documentation regarding the policies proposed and defended by the People's Youth;
  • Develop new projects for the People's Youth.

The Universities of the People's Youth (Universidades JP), are also prepared and organized by the GEGB.


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