People's Ascent Party

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People's Ascent Party
Halkın Yükselişi Partisi
Leader Ragıp Önder Günay
Founded 2005
Ideology Kemalism,
Social democracy,
Nationalism[citation needed]
Political position Centre-left
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
Colours White, red , green
Official Site

The People's Ascent Party (Turkish: Halkın Yükselişi Partisi, HYP) is a Turkish political party founded by the Istanbul MP and theologian Yaşar Nuri Öztürk on 16 February 2005, adopting the principles of a democratic state of law.

In its manifesto, the party claims to be an advocate of social democracy, seeking to benefit Turkey and the Turkish people on the basis of a participatory and pluralistic democratic platform.

On 22 November 2009 Ragıp Önder Günay was elected the new party leader in 4th convention of HYP.[1]


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