People's Democratic Party (Fiji)

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The People's Democratic Party is a political party in Fiji.[1] The party is led by Lynda Tabuya.


The party was proposed in January 2013 by the Fiji Trades Union Congress as a vehicle to promote the interests of workers and unions.[2] Shortly afterwards, the Fijian regime promulgated new regulations governing the registration of political parties, which included a ban on participation by union officials.[3][4] The party applied for registration in April 2013.[5] Registration was approved on 29 May 2013.[6]

In May 2014 former union leader Felix Anthony was elected leader of the party.[7] Aman Ravindra-Singh, a human rights & constitutional lawyer and regime critic was elected general Secretary. Following the PDP's failure to win any seats in the 2014 election, Anthony stepped down as leader, and was replaced by Adi Sivia Qoro. On 1st March 2017 the board unanimously elected Lynda Tabuya to party leader to take the party to the 2018 General Elections in Fiji.


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