People's Electoral Movement (Aruba)

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People's Electoral Movement
Dutch name Electorale Volksbeweging
Papiamento name Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo
Leader Evelyn Wever-Croes
Founder Betico Croes
Founded 1971
Ideology Aruban independentism
Social democracy
Political position Centre left
Colours      Yellow
Estates of Aruba
9 / 21
Coat of arms of Aruba.svg
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The People's Electoral Movement (Dutch: Electorale Volksbeweging, Papiamento: Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo, MEP) is a social democratic political party in Aruba. In the 2001 elections for the Estates, 28 September 2001, the party won 52.4% of popular votes and 12 out of 21 seats. 23 September 2005, the party won 43% of the popular vote and 11 out of 21 seats and remained, led by Nelson Oduber in government. in the Aruban general election, 2009, MEP lost 2 seats and won 36% of the vote, subsequently losing the election.

In the 2017 general election. The MEP won 37% of the vote, and gained a seat, AVP still being the largest Party had to resign their vote, thus ending their government, where MEP formed a Coalition government with Pueblo Orguyoso y Respeta (POR) and Network of Electoral Democracy (RED).

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