People's Party (Montenegro)

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People's Party
Narodna stranka
Народна странка
Leader Predrag Popović
Founder Novak Kilibarda
Founded 1990
Headquarters Podgorica
Ideology Serbian–Montenegrin unionism,
Cultural conservatism,
Christian democracy
Political position Centre-right to Right-wing
International affiliation European Christian Political Movement

The People's Party (Serbian: Народна странка, НС/Narodna Stranka, NS) is an opposition populist political party in Montenegro. Until 2009 it was the main conservative party in Montenegro, as opposed to ruling party and its main opposition, both of which were socialist oriented.

At the last legislative elections in Montenegro, in March 2009, NS formed a pre-election coalition with Democratic Serb Party, but the coalition failed to gain parliamentary status.

The party is led by Predrag Popović.


The party was established in 1990, after a multi-party system was introduced in Montenegro, and was named after the historical People's Party.

The People's Party opposed Slobodan Milošević's regime in Serbia and his supporters in Montenegro during the 1990s. It joined DPS and SDP on 1998 election, and it participated in Government with the two until 2001. But, when DPS and SDP openly stated that they are proponents of full Montenegrin independence, People's Party of Montenegro left the coalition and the Government.

Afterwords, it was mostly in coalition with pro-union with Serbia parties. After the referendum the People's Party refused to acknowledge the result due to many proofs of rigging, as blackmails, buying votes and voters' lists irregularities. However, it accepts the existing status. Its goal is to remove Milo Đukanović from power, and improve relations with Serbia. People's Party is nurturing history, tradition, and culture of the Petrović Dynasty, when they consider Montenegro was a Serbian national state. The motto of the People's Party is that the right on life, freedom, property and faith is inalienable.

The People's Party is in the process of reaching observer membership in the European People's Party and International Democrat Union. As of 2007 the People's Party has membership in the European Christian Political Movement.


National Assembly of Montenegro
Year Popular vote  % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Coalition Government Leader
1990 39,146 12.84%
13 / 125
Steady opposition Novak Kilibarda
1992 37,549 12.71%
14 / 71
Increase 1 opposition Novak Kilibarda
1996 74,963 24.91%
11 / 71
Decrease 3 LSCG-NS opposition Novak Kilibarda
1998 170,080 48.87%
5 / 75
Decrease 6 ECG government Novak Kilibarda
2001 148,513 40.56%
9 / 75
Increase 4 ZZP opposition Dragan Šoć
2002 133,900 38.4%
5 / 75
Decrease 4 ZZP opposition Dragan Šoć
2006 47,683 14.07%
2 / 81
Decrease 3 SNP-NS-DSS opposition Predrag Popović
2009 9,448 2.86%
0 / 81
Decrease 2 NS-DSS non-parliamentary Predrag Popović
2012 5,275 1.45%
0 / 81
Steady Serb Unity non-parliamentary Predrag Popović
2016 Did not run Did not run
0 / 81
Steady non-parliamentary Predrag Popović

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