People's Square Station

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People's Square Station
Shanghai Metro
People's Square Line 1.JPG
A view of People's Square station.
Location Xizang Middle Road – Jiujiang Road, Shanghai
Coordinates 31°14′3.7″N 121°28′15.6″E / 31.234361°N 121.471000°E / 31.234361; 121.471000
Operated by Shanghai No.1/2/8 Metro Operation Co. Ltd.
Opened April 10, 1995 (1995-04-10)
Preceding station   Shanghai Metro   Following station
toward Fujin Road
Line 1
toward Xinzhuang
toward East Xujing
Line 2
Line 8

People's Square Station (simplified Chinese: 人民广场站; traditional Chinese: 人民廣場站; pinyin: Rénmín Guǎngchǎng Zhàn; Jyutping: jan4man4gwong2coeng4) is the name of a large interchange station of the Shanghai Metro, located below People's Square, also next to People's Park and Nanjing Road, in the city center of Shanghai, China.[1] The station is reputedly the busiest metro station in all of China, handling a daily traffic of over 700,000 passengers.[2] With the opening of the downtown sections of Lines 12 and 13 has allowed for alternative routes around the station, reducing its daily traffic by around 10%.

The station is an interchange between Lines 1, 2 and 8, making it an important interchange station boasting close to twenty exits. This station is exceptionally busy because of a unique combination of it being an interchange between a west-east and north-south line, as well as being surrounded by office buildings, shopping malls and several tourist attractions. This combination causes it to be extremely busy during peak times, but it remains very busy during the rest of the day as well.

In early 2009, a new side platform for Line 8 riders heading south (to Shendu Highway) opened. This platform was converted from a former link to Line 1.[3] Passengers from Shiguang Road station heading south can exit from either door.

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Coordinates: 31°14′3.7″N 121°28′15.6″E / 31.234361°N 121.471000°E / 31.234361; 121.471000