People's Will of Pridnestrovie

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People's Will
Войнцэ Популарэ
Leader Oleg Gudymo
Founded 11 December 2006
Headquarters Tiraspol, Transnistria
Ideology Transnistrian nationalism,
Christian democracy
Colours Red, Green (Colours of the Flag of Transnistria)
Supreme Council
0 / 43

People's Will (Moldovan: Войнцэ Популарэ, Voinţă Populară, Russian: Народная Воля, Ukrainian: Народна Воля) is a political party in Pridnestrovie (Transnistria). It is affiliated with the Russian nationalist Party of National Revival "Narodnaya Volya" led by State Duma Vice Speaker Sergey Baburin.

It was formed on 11 December 2006 by members of Transnistria's parliament. Its leader is Oleg Gudymo, a Transnistrian MP. Another Transnistrien MP, Grigore Mărăcuţă, was present at the founding congress as well as Sergey Baburin and Nataliya Vitrenko, the leader of the left-wing Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine.

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