People Hold On ... The Remix Anthology

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People Hold On ... The Remix Anthology
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Remix album by
Released10 November 2014 (2014-11-10)
Lisa Stansfield chronology
People Hold On ... The Remix Anthology
The Collection 1989–2003

People Hold On ... The Remix Anthology is a remix album by British singer Lisa Stansfield, released by Edsel Records on 10 November 2014. It contains remixes of songs originally included on Stansfield's albums released between 1989 and 2001. The tracks were remixed by various prominent producers.[1] In Europe, the album was issued on 21 November 2014.


The album was released as a three-disc set in the United Kingdom on 10 November 2014 and in Europe on 21 November 2014. It includes thirty-three remixes of songs from "People Hold On" (1989) to "Let's Just Call It Love" (2001).[2] Over the years since, Stansfield's songs were remixed by various prominent producers, including David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Hex Hector, Masters at Work (Little Louie Vega and Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez), Shep Pettibone, The 45 King, Wyclef Jean and many others. This remastered three-disc anthology brings together thirty-three remixes, some of them previously unreleased, with a twenty-eight-page booklet featuring photos, memorabilia, lyrics and brand new sleeve notes. People Hold On ... The Remix Anthology was also released as a part of The Collection 1989–2003 on 10 November 2014 and in Europe on 21 November 2014.

The previously unreleased tracks on this album include: "All Around the World" (Attack Mix), "What Did I Do to You?" (Red Zone Mix), "The Love in Me" (12" Remix), "Time to Make You Mine" (Sunship Mix), three remixes of "Never, Never Gonna Give You Up" (Frankie's Classic Club Mix, Franktified Off the Hook Dub and After Hours Mix), "Never Gonna Fall" (Wyclef Remix) and "Let's Just Call It Love" (Feel It Mix).

Track listing[edit]

Disc one
1."People Hold On" (Full Length Disco Mix)Lisa Stansfield, Matt Black, Jonathan MoreColdcut9:24
2."What Did I Do to You?" (Morales Mix)Stansfield, Ian Devaney, Andy MorrisDevaney, Morris7:59
3."Change" (Ultimate Club Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris7:54
4."Never, Never Gonna Give You Up" (Frankie's Classic Club Mix)Barry WhiteDevaney, Peter Mokran8:15
5."This Is the Right Time" (The Rhythm Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisColdcut7:51
6."The Real Thing" (K-Klassic Mix)Stansfield, DevaneyDevaney, Mokran8:39
7."Let's Just Call It Love" (Feel It Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, Richard DarbyshireDevaney7:42
8."Make Love to Ya" (Light Me Up Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris5:02
9."Set Your Loving Free" (Dubmaster Edit)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris4:42
10."Time to Make You Mine" (Sunship Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris6:00
11."All Around the World" (The Global Quest)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris6:17
Disc two
1."Live Together" (Live It Up)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris6:42
2."This Is the Right Time" (Shep Pettibone Extended Remix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisColdcut9:44
3."I'm Leavin'" (Hex Hector N.Y.C. Rough Mix)Crayge Lindesay, Telisa StinsonDevaney, Mokran10:09
4."Let's Just Call It Love" (Bass City Rollaz Rollin' Dub)Stansfield, Devaney, DarbyshireDevaney5:52
5."Never Gonna Fall" (Wyclef Remix)Stansfield, DevaneyDevaney, Mokran3:52
6."Set Your Loving Free" (Low Life Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris5:47
7."Never, Never Gonna Give You Up" (After Hours Mix)WhiteDevaney, Mokran7:10
8."The Love in Me" (12" Remix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris7:10
9."You Can't Deny It" (Sky King Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris8:21
10."What Did I Do to You?" (Anti Poll Tax Dub)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris6:31
11."Change" (Metamorphosis Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris7:54
Disc three
1."All Around the World" (American Club Remix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris11:34
2."The Line" (Pure Funk Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, Terry GamwellDevaney, Mokran4:20
3."Change" (Bone-Idol Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris5:57
4."Live Together" (Big Beat Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris5:00
5."The Real Thing" (Yūtenji Mix)Stansfield, DevaneyDevaney, Mokran4:55
6."You Can't Deny It" (Yvonne Turner Extended Remix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris7:39
7."The Line" (Ian O'Brien's Benfleet 3:30 Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, GamwellDevaney, Mokran10:06
8."Never, Never Gonna Give You Up" (Franktified Off the Hook Dub)WhiteDevaney, Mokran7:14
9."What Did I Do to You?" (Red Zone Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris7:45
10."Time to Make You Mine" (In My Dreams Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris9:24
11."All Around the World" (Attack Mix)Stansfield, Devaney, MorrisDevaney, Morris5:00

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Catalog
United Kingdom[3] 10 November 2014 Edsel CD 7 40155 30253 5
Europe[4] 21 November 2014


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