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People Water is a for-profit, care-based company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company was co-founded by Jef Holm and Cody Barker. The main goal of the company is to provide clean water to people who are in need of it. When People Water sells a bottle of water they claim that an equal amount of clean water will be given to a person in need. The idea and structure of the company are very similar to that of Toms Shoes.[1]

History and impact[edit]

People Water builds wells and provides clean water for people in countries such as Nicaragua, India, Ghana, and Haiti. The company's first project was based in Nicaragua in a village called Taquezal where they repaired and built wells.[2] After the success of their first mission, the company went onto multiple cities and villages in the other countries listed above. There were two projects completed across the country of Ghana, Africa that affected 750 people. The Haiti well project, finished on September 20, 2012, directly affected 7,150 people. In April 2012 People Water named Ken Bretschneider, an entrepreneur and business executive, the new CEO in hope to bring in stronger leadership and expand the company.[3] More recently People Water has done fundraising in attempt to provide typhoon victims in the Philippines with clean water.[4]

The bottle[edit]

People Water emphasizes the structure and design of their bottles. What they call "The Anatomy of the Bottle" has nine main components. The first and second components can be found at the very top of the bottle. First, is the screw on cap and the second is the thumbprint that is placed on the top of the cap. People Water says that the thumbprint is there to represent humanity and show each person as an individual. Components three through seven can all be found on the body of the bottle. The third of these is the “Drop for Drop” slogan printed around the top of each bottle. Fourth, is replacing the “O” in the word bottle with recycling logo reminding drinkers to recycle their bottle. The fifth component is a QR Code that the customer can scan with a smart phone. Upon scanning the customer can see which project they are helping to fund.[5] Sixth is making a bottle that is eco-friendly and seventh is simply putting the company name “People” on the bottle. The last two components actually have to do with the water itself. Eighth, People Water states that they only use 100% natural spring water. The final component is that the water remains Bisphenol A (BPA) free.[5] The bottles come in two different sizes, 16.9 U.S. fluid ounces (0.50 l) and a 1 liter (34 U.S. fl oz).[2]


Much of the marketing includes the use of social media. People Water can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Many videos have been taken of various projects and placed on the People Water website for viewing. Also, People Water was voted and chosen to be the official bottled water for the 2014 People's Choice Awards.[6]


Water can be purchased in four different quantities.[citation needed] The company also sells a variety of branded merchandise on their website.


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