List of people from St. Catharines

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The following people were born in, residents of, or are otherwise closely connected to the city of St. Catharines, Ontario


  • Supermodel Linda Evangelista was born and raised in St. Catharines. Her family still lives there. The breast screening centre at St. Catharines General Hospital is named after her and singer Bryan Adams.


  • Edward Burtynsky, internationally recognized and critically acclaimed photographer
  • Ralston Crawford, was a critically acclaimed painter, printmaker, and photographer
  • Marie Elyse St. George (born 1929), artist, poet
  • David Rokeby, critically acclaimed videographer spent his formative years in St. Catharines. His father was the Minister at St. Columba Anglican Church

Film, television, and media[edit]







War Heroes[edit]


  • Karla Homolka, female serial rapist and serial killer who lived in St. Catharines committed her crimes along with husband Paul Bernardo. Their first murder victim was Tammy Homolka (died in 1990) who was the younger sister of Karla. Their second murder victim was Leslie Mahaffy (died in 1991) and third and final murder victim was Kristen French (died in 1992). The crimes committed by Homolka and Bernardo received a lot of media coverage in Canada and foreign media such as the United States throughout the 1990s.


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