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The People Powered Vehicle, or PPV, was a two-person pedal-powered car introduced in the United States during the oil crisis of the early 1970s. Manufactured by EVI of Sterling Heights, Michigan, it sold for less than $400.[1] Although it offered luggage space and was marketed as a fun and practical vehicle, it offered limited weather protection and was not fast enough to substitute for a car. The PPV may be considered the forerunner of the modern velomobile. This tricycle was manufactured with a three-speed, floor shift, open type transmission with a single-wheel drive. Either the driver or the passenger could pedal independently or as a team. Reverse was accomplished by reaching outside and turning one of the rear wheels by hand. At one time, a rear-hinged, surrey top was available. Most were manufactured with a dark blue bottom and a white hood. Red or yellow bottoms with white tops were also offered. Sometimes bicycle accessories were added, e.g. squeeze bulb horn and a rear view mirror. An upgraded version of this vehicle is currently (2011) being offered by the International Surrey Company Ltd. under the trade name Impello.


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