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Peoples College of Law
Motto Producing Social Justice Lawyers
Established 1974
School type Private, Non-profit Law School
Dean Ira Spiro,Esq.
Location Los Angeles, CA, US
34°03′23″N 118°16′25″W / 34.05639°N 118.27361°W / 34.05639; -118.27361Coordinates: 34°03′23″N 118°16′25″W / 34.05639°N 118.27361°W / 34.05639; -118.27361
Faculty Sharon Kyle, President

The Peoples College of Law (PCL) is an unaccredited, private, non-profit, Juris Doctor-granting law school located just off Wilshire Boulevard in the downtown Los Angeles community of Westlake-MacArthur Park. PCL offers a part-time, four-year evening law program centered on work in the public interest.


Aimed at addressing inequities in law and society, PCL was founded in 1974 for individuals historically denied access to legal training and representation. The school maintains a socio-political requirement that states: "An eligible candidate will be able to demonstrate a commitment to progressive social change."[1] PCL uses alternative methods of law school admissions, which does not rely on the LSAT because it is considered culturally biased. Tuition is kept low through the use of volunteer faculty, consisting of working Attorneys, Judges and law professors. Students and members of the PCL community volunteer to maintain the facilities, allowing all students to graduate debt free.

State Bar registration[edit]

People's College of Law is regulated by the California State Bar Committee of Bar Examiners[2] of the State Bar of California as an unaccredited law school that may grant the juris doctor (J.D.) law degree. Its students must take and pass the First-Year Law Students' Examination, also known as the "Baby Bar", at the end of their first year in order to receive credit for their law study and eventually qualify to sit for the California Bar Examination. It is not approved or accredited by the American Bar Association.[3]

Bar pass rates[edit]

For the years 2010 through 2015, 32 People's College graduates have taken the California Bar Examination; of that number, 6 passed the examination for a pass rate of 18%.[4]


People's College of Law has one of the lowest tuition rates for a J.D. program in the United States.[5] The annual tuition in 2016 was $4,000.[6]

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