Peoria, Illinois City Council election, 2011

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Peoria City Council election, 2011
← 2009 April 5, 2011 2013 →

5 At-Large of 10 City Council seats.
  Majority party
Leader None
Party Independent
Last election 10
Seats won 10
Seat change +/- 0
Popular vote 59,244
Percentage 100.00%
Swing N/A

Mayor before election

Jim Ardis

Elected Mayor

Jim Ardis

The Peoria City Council election of 2011 was held on April 5, 2011. Five At-Large of 10 city council seatswere up for election. Ten candidates were on the ballot (The most possible to still avoid a primary). Newcomer Chuck Weaver won almost one-fourth of the vote. Elected were Chuck Weaver, and Beth Akeson; and incumbents Ryan Spain, Gary V. Sandberg, and W. Eric Turner. The Mayor, who is elected separately, presides over the Council.

Voting method[edit]

In Peoria, Illinois, each elector casts five votes in the At-Large elections. An elector may cast five votes for one candidate, two and a half votes each for two candidates, one and two thirds votes each for three candidates, one and one quarter votes each for four candidates, or one vote each for five candidates. The five candidates having the largest number of votes are considered to be elected and are seated on the city council.

The totals shown below are rounded to the nearest non-fraction.


2011 City Council election Peoria, Illinois[1][2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Independent Chuck Weaver 14,785 24.96 N/A
Independent Ryan Spain 10,072 17.00 +0.71
Independent Gary V. Sandberg 8,390 14.16 -4.64
Independent W. Eric Turner 6,911 11.67 -4.61
Independent Beth Akeson 6,040 10.20 N/A
Independent Charles Grayeb 5,559 9.38 N/A
Independent Jim Stowell 2,403 4.06 N/A
Independent Andre Williams 2,261 3.82 N/A
Independent C. J. Summers 1,812 3.06 N/A
Independent George Azouri 1,011 1.71 N/A
Majority 4,713 7.96 N/A
Turnout 59,244 100.00 N/A
Independent hold Swing


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