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Pepe Barreto (born in Lima, Peru) was a community and entertainment reporter for KMEX-TV, Channel 34. With extensive experience in television and radio, Barreto, joined KMEX's news team, Noticias 34 in April 1993.


Barretto moved from Peru to Los Angeles in 1972.[1]

Barreto is known as the number one radio show personality in Los Angeles on KLVE, working on the station since 1985 and for a time attracting the largest radio audience in Los Angeles in the morning drivetime slot, with up to 7.4% market share.[2][3]

Barreto also worked as a news reporter for KNBC-TV from 1976 to 1985, where he launched the station's first Spanish simulcast. Barreto received his undergraduate degree from Catholic University of Peru. In 2007, Barreto received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in recognition of his work on KLVE.[4]


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