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Penelope "Pepe" Trevor (born 1960) is an Australian actress, journalist and author, who is perhaps best known for her role as young card sharp and trouble-maker, Lexie Patterson in Prisoner (1985–86).[1]


Trevor was born in 1960 in Sydney, and moved to Melbourne at the age of six. She made a name as an actress in various Australian television series during the 1980s. Later in life, Trevor began writing, and won the Dobbie Award in the 1997 Nita Kibble Literary Awards for her first novel, Listening for Small Sounds. Her second novel, Another Man's Office, came out in 2000. As a journalist, Trevor has contributed articles for The Melbourne Weekly Magazine. Trevor has two sons, Jaspar and Tashi. She is the daughter of one-time Prisoner producer, the late Marie Trevor.


  • Listening for Small Sounds. (1996)
  • Another Man's Office. (2000)


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