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Pepito, the diminutive version of the Spanish name Pepe, may refer to:

  • Pepito Arriola (1896–1954), Spanish child prodigy pianist and violinist
  • César Tovar (1940–1994), Major League Baseball player, nicknamed "Pepito"
  • Pepito (comics), an Italian comic created by Luciano Bottaro
  • Pepito, the largest cat in the world, a minor character in The Simpsons TV series
  • Pepito (Squee), a character in the comic book Squee
  • Pepito, the character Rat's violent sock puppet in the comic strip Pearls Before Swine
  • Pepito, a character in the 1959 animated TV series Bucky and Pepito
  • Pepito, a character in the webcomic Something Positive
  • Pepito, a character in Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans
  • Pepito Manaloto, a live situational comedy
  • Pépito, an opéra comique of 1853, music by Jacques Offenbach
  • Pepito, manager and companion of Josephine Baker mentioned in "The Hungry Heart", by Jean-Claude Baker
  • Pepito, the main character in the 2017 movie Yo Soy Pepito"
  • A sandwich common in Venezuela
  • Pepito is the flying creature from Walt Disney's Coco (2017 film).

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