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Logo of Pepper&Carrot
Author(s)David Revoy
Current status/scheduleActive; irregular publication schedule
Launch date10 May 2014
Revoy posing in front of Glénat publications of Pepper&Carrot at a signing session in a small Paris bookstore

Pepper&Carrot is an open source webcomic series by French artist David Revoy [fr].[1][2][3][4] The series consists of small episodes about teenage witch Pepper and her cat Carrot.[1] With its translations into 40 different languages and violence free stories it aims to be accessible for everyone.[1][2][5][6]

Revoy creates the series entirely with free software, such as Krita and Inkscape,[3][7] making the Krita source files for each image available for download.[8]

License and derivations[edit]

All artwork is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.[4] Revoy explicitly encourages fanart and other derivative works.

In 2016 French publisher Glénat added a bundle with episodes 1 through 11 to their catalog, to print and distribute the comic in France. Revoy was consulted to ensure the colours and quality of the print are as he envisioned it. The publication has no effect on the license of the webcomic.[9][10] In April 2017 the second volume of the book, including the episodes 12 to 21, was published by Glénat.[11] There is also a printed version of the Bretonic version of the first ten episodes by publisher Ar Gripi,[12] as well as a German printed version by publisher Popcom.[13]

In 2016, the Morevna team started a crowdfunding campaign for a motion comic version of episode 6. The animation was done based on the original source files with free software like Krita, Blender, Papagayo-NG and RenderChan. The film was released in June 2017 under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Revoy was not associated with the production, but appreciated the project.[14]

There are at least four different video games based on Pepper&Carrot in development.[15][16][17][18]

List of episodes[edit]

Pepper and her cat Carrot
Pencilling of episode 23 on a Wacom Cintiq 13HD with Krita
Motion comic version of episode 6 by Morevna Project

Revoy aimed to release a new episode approximately once every month,[4] but has not been able to do so.

No. Title Original title Release date Number of patrons[19]
1 The Potion of Flight Potion d'envol 2014-05-10 0
2 Rainbow Potions Les potions arc-en-ciel 2014-07-25 21
3 The Secret Ingredients L'ingrédient secret 2014-10-03 93
4 Stroke of Genius Éclair de génie 2014-11-21 156
5 Special holiday episode Épisode spécial de Noël 2014-12-19 170
6 The Potion Contest Le concours de potion 2015-03-28 245
7 The Wish Le souhait 2015-04-30 245
8 Pepper's Birthday Party L'anniversaire de Pepper 2015-06-28 354
9 The Remedy Le remède 2015-07-31 406
10 Summer Special Spécial été 2015-08-29 422
11 The Witches of Chaosah Les sorcières de Chaosah 2015-09-30 502
12 Autumn Clearout Rangement d'Automne 2015-10-31 575
13 The Pyjama Party La Soirée Pyjama 2015-12-08 602
14 The Dragon's Tooth La Dent de Dragon 2016-01-29 671
15 The Crystal Ball La Boule de Cristal 2016-03-25 686
16 The Sage of the Mountain Le Sage de la Montagne 2016-04-30 671
17 A Fresh Start Un Nouveau Départ 2016-06-30 719
18 The Encounter La Rencontre 2016-08-05 720
19 Pollution Pollution 2016-10-26 755
20 The Picnic Le Pique-nique 2016-12-17 825
21 The Magic Contest Le Concours de Magie 2017-02-23 816
22 The Voting System Le système de vote 2017-05-30 864
23 Take a Chance Saisir la chance 2017-08-10 879
24 The Unity Tree L'Arbre de l'unité 2017-12-15 810
25 There Are No Shortcuts Il n'y a pas de raccourcis 2018-05-17 909
26 Books Are Great Les livres, c'est génial 2018-07-28 1,098
27 Coriander's Invention L'invention de Coriandre 2018-10-31 1,060
28 The Festivities Les Festivités 2019-01-24 960
29 Destroyer of Worlds Le Destructeur de Mondes 2019-04-25 960
30 Need a Hug Besoin d'un Calin 2019-09-03 973


Revoy aims to change the comic book industry by eliminating intermediate steps in the production process. Though Pepper&Carrot is free, he encourages people to support him on the Patreon crowdfunding platform, in the form a small amount of money per episode that is released. Patreon takes a commission of 5% (8% for users registered after June 2019), in addition to any credit card fees.[20] This is significantly less than a traditional chain where the publisher, distributors and retailers each claim a part of the profit. Patrons – people donating monthly some amount on Patreon to Pepper&Carrot – are named on the bottom of the comics. As of May 2019, 816 people donate a total of US$2,939 per month, allowing David Revoy to work full time on Pepper&Carrot[21].

Board game[edit]

Loyalist Games created a board game based on episode 6 of the comic. Just like the webcomic the game is available under a free license[22], and its rulebook has instructions in English, Dutch, French and Spanish.[citation needed]


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