Peppercorn sauce

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Peppercorn Sauce
Steak au poivre.jpg
Steak au poivre with a peppercorn sauce
Type Cream
Course Any
Place of origin France
Main ingredients Peppercorns and Heavy Cream
Ingredients generally used Butter, Wine, Shallots, Brandy, Cognac, and additional seasonings
Variations Some may include Liquor

Peppercorn sauce is a culinary cream sauce prepared with peppercorn, which is prepared as a reduction of the cream in the cooking process.[1] Various types of peppercorn can be used in its preparation, such as black, green[2] and pink,[3] among others. Peppercorn sauce may be served with beef steak[4] such as filet mignon[1][5] and other beef tenderloin cuts,[6] lamb,[4] rack of lamb,[7] chicken[8] and fish dishes, such as those prepared with tuna and salmon.[2][3]

A beef steak served with peppercorn sauce prepared with five types of peppers

Some versions use several types of peppercorns in the sauce's preparation,[6] and some may use ingredients that are similar in flavor to but not classified as peppercorns, such as sansho.[1] Peppercorn sauce may be used on dishes served at French bistros and restaurants.[1] Some versions of steak au poivre use a peppercorn sauce in their preparation.[1]


Primary ingredients are typically peppercorns and heavy cream. Additional ingredients may include butter, wine, brandy, such as cognac, shallots, garlic and additional seasonings, such as bay leaf, star anise, tarragon and salt.[1][2][3][6] Some versions may incorporate liquor, such as whiskey.[9]

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