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Balache Point Lighthouse, an example of a Salt Shaker lighthouse.

A Pepperpot or Salt Shaker lighthouse is a popular term used to describe a particular type of small lighthouse that has an architectural style similar to a scaled up salt or pepper shaker. It usually refers to a type of small lighthouse found mainly in Canada, which has a square tapered base with a single gallery and a square lantern. They are usually shingled in wood and painted white; the lantern and trim are red. Many such lighthouses still exist across Canada, especially in the Maritime provinces.[1][2]

The term Pepperpot lighthouse is also used to describe three of the lighthouses on the Caledonian Canal in Scotland. These are of a slightly different design, consisting of a short round tower with a conical roof.[3] St. Catherine's Oratory a medieval lighthouse on St. Catherine's Down on the southern coast of the Isle of Wight, is also known locally as the pepperpot.

circular stone built pepperpot lighthouse
Pepperpot lighthouse on the Caledonian Canal
St. Catherine's Oratory is also known as the pepperpot


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