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Peppes Pizza in Arendal, Norway

Peppes Pizza is a Norwegian pizza chain that serves American style and Italian style pizza. Peppes is the largest pizza chain in Scandinavia.[1] The restaurant was founded by two Americans, Louis Jordan and his wife Anne from Hartford, Connecticut.[2] The restaurant chain is part of Umoe Catering As which consists of restaurants such as Burger King, TGI Fridays, La Baguette and Cafe Opus.[3] Peppes Pizza is one of the first restaurants that brought foreign food to Norway.[4] 9 million pizzas are served by Peppes each year[5] with deliveries in 11 cities in Norway. Their menu was first put online in March 1995.[3] The servings have been described as enough for two people and that the pizza chain is "a cut above the rest".[6]

The bestselling fiction book The Seducer by Norwegian author Jan Kjærstad documents an actual history of the pizza chain.[7]

Foreign locations[edit]

The pizza chain franchised restaurants in Kuwait and China. The Chinese restaurants have some different items on the menu that Chinese people are more used to such as soups and pastas.[2] The first restaurant opened in Beijing, China because of Pizza Hut's success in the country. The restaurant ran a "Pizza & Film" promotion which included a large pizza, a large cola, and an animation DVD.[8] A restaurant in Sanlitun located in Bejiing has a children's play area. Despite being known in Norway as having good food, eChinacities said "Although not renowned for its excellent food Peppes is fairly reasonably priced".[9] National Arabic Company operates six locations in Kuwait.[1] There was also a restaurant in Leytonstone High Street during the 1990s owned and run by a brother and sister[citation needed].


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