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Pepromene /pˈprɒmˌn/ is a goddess and being of fate/destiny in Greek mythology (a being of "the destined share", which implies a person's true calling and fate; in short, the idea that every man is tied to a destiny). The ancient perception of her being gives the name as belonging within other Greek ideas (or "seeings") for destiny and fate (such as Aesa, Moira, Moros, Ananke, Adrasteia and Heimarmene).


Pepromene's name is speculated to have numerous different origins; some postulate it is derived from the Greek πεπρῶσθαι, peprosthai, meaning "to be furnished, fulfilled or fated". However, others suggest that the same πεπερατοσθαι (pepratosthai) means "finite", implying finite nature; the fact that nothing in this life lasts forever.



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