Peqin District

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District of Peqin
Map showing Peqin District within Albania
Map showing Peqin District within Albania
Country  Albania
County Elbasan County
Capital Peqin

Peqin District' (Albanian: Rrethi i Peqinit) was one of the thirty-six districts of Albania (which were dissolved in 2000) that is now part of Elbasan County. It had a population of 31,004[2] (2010 estimate), and an area of 109 km². It is in the centre of the country, and its capital was Peqin.

There are two historical structures that are a reminder to the antiquity of the District of Peqin (which is the modern name of the district). First is the Via Egnatia, which passes through the middle of the district where its capital Peqin is located. Second is the castle (Castle Klaudiana) of the district also located at the center Peqin. As for the landscape of the capital, it is located in the valley of the River Shkumbini which has a wide base and runs through the county of Elbasan emptying into the Adriatic Sea near Divjakë, a town in the district of Lushnjë.

KS Shkumbini Peqin is the football club of the district. Shkumbini are an average performing team that has maintained its position the Albanian Superleague (Superliga Futbollit Shqipetar) despite the lack of its financial backings. They are a tough team to beat at their own ground (Stadiumi Peqin)[citation needed] which is their fortress, but rarely finish above third in the league.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The district consisted of the following municipalities:

Peqin Municipality[edit]

Note: - urban municipalities in bold


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