Pequeñas anécdotas sobre las instituciones

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Pequeñas anécdotas sobre las instituciones
Studio album by Sui Generis
Released December, 1974 (Argentina)
Recorded 1974
Genre Folk rock Progressive rock Progressive Folk
Length 40' 26"
48' 24" (1994's remastered version)
Label Sony Music
Producer Charly García
Sui Generis chronology
Confesiones de invierno
(1973)Confesiones de invierno1973
Pequeñas anécdotas sobre las instituciones
Adiós Sui Generis
(1975)Adiós Sui Generis1975

Pequeñas Anécdotas Sobre las Instituciones (Small Anecdotes about the Institutions) is the third album of Argentine group Sui Generis, released on 1974.

When first released, the album wasn't as welcomed by the audience as its two predecessors had been. Though Folk rock in nature, it had an important inspiration in Progressive Rock, a genre that wasn't too well known and accepted by the majority of listeners. With the passage of time, it would inspire new generations of Argentine musicians and become a classic in its own right.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Instituciones" (Institutions) (García) - 4' 50"
  2. "Tango en segunda" (García)- 3' 32"
  3. "El show de los muertos" (The Show of The Dead) (García) - 6' 04"
  4. "Las increíbles aventuras del Señor Tijeras" (The Incredible Adventures of Mr. Scissors) (García) - 5' 51"
  5. "Pequeñas delicias de la vida conyugal" (Small Delights of the Spousal Life) (García) - 3' 38"
  6. "El tuerto y los ciegos" (The One-Eyed and the Blind) (García) - 2' 02"
  7. "Música de fondo para cualquier fiesta animada" (Background Music for Any Lively Party) (García) - 4' 32"
  8. "Tema de Natalio" (Natalio's Theme) (García-Rafanelli) - 6' 00"
  9. "Para quien canto yo entonces" (Who am I Singing For, Then?) (García) - 3' 42"
  10. "Juan Represión"* (García) - 3' 25"
  11. "Botas locas" (Crazy Boots)* (García) - 4' 58"

(*) Bonus tracks on remastered version.

Album credits[edit]

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