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Perëndi is an old Illyrian word for God and the sky, especially invoked in incantations and songs praying for rain.[1] He was also an Illyrian god of thunder or storm-god. After the spreading of Christianity in Albania his name was and still is retained in Albanian as the ordinary designation for God.[2]


The word might be derived from perëndoj "to set (of the sun)", which might be borrowed from Latin parentare "to bring a sacrifice (to the dead), to satisfy"[3] or Latin imperantem "ruling" (Alb. dielli perëndon "the sun sets", perhaps ultimately a calque on Greek ο ήλιος βασιλεύει "the sun sets", literally "the sun reigns").[4]

Others see a connection to Indo-European *per(-kwu)- "oak god" or "thunder god" by possible association (see Perkwunos for a discussion of the possible etymologies of these groups of gods, the Perën- element might be related to Slavic Perun, from *per "to strike" perhaps, and the -di to *dyeus e.g. Greek Zeus).[1] If this conjecture is correct, the word could have an "Illyro-Thracian" origin.[5][full citation needed] In Albanian mythology, he is the consort of Prende.[2]

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