Per Aspera Ad Astra (film)

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Per Aspera Ad Astra
Per Aspera Ad Astraposter.jpg
Directed by Richard Viktorov
Nikolai Viktorov (restored version)
Produced by Aleksandr Kazachkov
Yuri Obukhov
Sandy Frank (English language version producer)
Written by Richard Viktorov (screenplay)
Kir Bulychov (novel)
Music by Alexey Rybnikov (original score)
Sergei Skripka (conductor)
Cinematography Aleksandr Rybin
Sandor Berkesi (restored version)
Edited by Lyubov Pushkina (ed.)
Konstantin Zagorsky (production design)
Distributed by Gorky Film Studio
Goskino (restored version)
M-Film (restored version)
Release dates
  • 1981 (1981) (2001)
Running time
148 minutes
123 minutes (restored version)
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Per Aspera Ad Astra (Russian: Через тернии к звёздам, USA screen name - Through the Thorns to the Stars; Humanoid Woman) is a 1981 Soviet film directed by Richard Viktorov based on a novel by Kir Bulychov.

On December 27, 2001, a new restored version directed by Nikolai Viktorov, the son of the original film's director, was released as the 20th anniversary edition.[1] The film featured revised special effects by the Paradox company and an all-new soundtrack in Dolby Digital; however, the film length was cut by twenty-five minutes to speed up the dynamics of the plot, but also some episodes with Soviet ideological context were also cut.

A heavily-edited (missing almost an hour of footage), English-dubbed version of the film (under the title Humanoid Woman) was featured on an early episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


In the 23rd century a reconnaissance starship discovers a dead alien spaceship of unknown origin in deep space. The crew are found to be humanoid bodies, made by an advanced cloning process. One humanoid woman appears to be alive but has memory loss and is brought back to Earth. Scientist Sergei Lebedev settles her in his own house and names her Niya.

Some time later, Niya finds out that she has supernatural abilities. Prof. Ivanova finds a special neurocenter in her brain which can be used to control the humanoid clones. Niya suddenly remembers her home planet Dessa, where businessmen eager for easy money destroy nature.

A rescue mission with Niya on board is sent to her home planet. When she arrives there, her brain falls under the control of the neurowaves of local monopolist Turanchoks, who is trying to make the Earth expedition fail.

However, Niya is strong enough to resist the control and saves her civilization from an imminent catastrophe.



Country[2] Company Air date Title
United States International Film Exchange, Celebrity Video Presentations 1982–1987 Per Aspera Ad Astra.
Italy Canale 5, Rai Fiction 1984, 2009 Per Aspera Ad Astra.
France France 2 1995 À travers les ronces vers les étoiles
Japan Toho, Fuji TV, TBS 1994, 2008 星にとげスルー
Spain Telecinco, TVE 1995, 2006 A través de las espinas a las estrellas.
South Korea MBC 2010 별빛으로 가시를 통해
Czech Republic ČT1 2012 Skrze utrpení ke hvězdám
Croatia Hrvatska radiotelevizija 2013 Kroz teškoća do zvijezda
United Arab Emirates Dubai TV 2007 من خلال الأشواك إلى نجوم
Greece Alter Channel 2009 Κορίτσι-ρομπότ
Sweden TV4 2004 Stjärnklar prinsessa Niya
China CTV 2000 通過星荊棘
Thailand Channel 3 (Thailand) 2012 ผ่านหนามไปดาว
India (Tamil) ETV Tamil 2011 நட்சத்திரங்களை முட்கள் மூலம்
India (Hindi) Disney Channel South Asia 2009 सितारों के लिए कांटों के माध्यम से

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