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Per Capita
Public policy think tank
Founded 11 April 2007
Key people
David Hetherington (Executive Director)

Per Capita is an independent progressive Australian think tank. The think tank was launched on 11 April 2007 by Will Marshall of the US Progressive Policy Institute and Patrick Diamond of the UK’s Policy Network.[1]


As a progressive, centre-left think tank, Per Capita's approach is to view the role of government as a market designer: setting parameters for a liberal economy to produce better social outcomes.[2]

Per Capita's thinking draws on market design theory, full-cost economics, behavioural economics, and political philosophy.[3]


Per Capita is recognised as a leading think tank of the centre-left in Australia,[4] with a more centrist orientation than counterparts such as the Australia Institute and the Centre for Policy Development[citation needed]. An observer has noted that the think tank has influenced thinking about economic reform within the Gillard government.[2]

Research program[edit]

Per Capita's research concerns have included long-term economic reform, the philosophy of tax, climate change, wellbeing and quality of life, population policy, energy and gas, and neuroscience.[5]

Board of Directors[edit]

Joshua Funder (Chair)
Tom Bentley
Josh Bornstein
Lorraine Elsass
Anthony Kitchener
Maxine McKew
Evan Thornley


Michael Cooney
Dennis Glover
Stephen Koukoulas


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