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Per mille

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Per mille
In UnicodeU+2030 PER MILLE SIGN (‰)
See alsoU+0025 % PERCENT SIGN
U+2031 PER TEN THOUSAND SIGN (Basis point)

The phrase per mille (from Latin per mīlle 'in each thousand')[1] indicates parts per thousand.[2] The associated symbol is , similar to a per cent sign % but with an extra zero in the divisor.

Major dictionaries do not agree on the spelling,[1][2][3] giving other options of per mil,[2] per mill,[1][3] permil,[1][4] permill,[1] permille.[5][6]

The word promille is the cognate in Dutch, German, Finnish and Swedish, and is sometimes seen as a loanword in English with the same meaning as per mille.[7][4]

Computer systems


The code point for the glyph is included in the General Punctuation block of Unicode characters: U+2030 PER MILLE SIGN.[5] It may be typed using Alt+0137, Compose%o,[a] Ctrl+⇧ Shift+u 2030, or ⌥ Option+⇧ Shift+r according to operating system.



Blood alcohol concentration


Promille and permille are likely best known as shorthand terms for Blood Alcohol Concentration, where 1 promille corresponds to 1 gram of alcohol per liter of blood.[9] Promille is used in the legal limits of blood-alcohol content for driving a road vehicle in some countries: for example: 0.5‰ or 0.8‰.[10]

Cost per mille


Sales and marketing


Cost per mille (CPM), the price of 1000 units, may be used for views of banner and display advertising, and for emails delivered by email service providers.



In UK insurance usage, the cost per mille is the rate per £1000 of insured value.[11] In India, the premium per mille is the rate expressed as thousandths of the sum assured.[12]


A railroad distance and gradient sign in Gdańsk, Poland. The 50‰ grade is equivalent to 5%.
A tram and gradient sign in Gdańsk, Poland. The 50‰ grade is equivalent to 50 m/km or 5%.

Gradients (in some countries in Europe) may be expressed as mm/m or m/km, and written with the per mille symbol.[13][14]

Isotope ratios


Per mille may be used to express stable-isotope ratios—for example: "δ13C was measured at −3.5‰"



Charity fraction


In Italy, it is possible to nominate a charity or charities to receive "five per mille" (5‰) of personal taxation payments.[15]

Property tax


Property taxation rates may be expressed as the millage rate (U.S.) or mill rate (Canada), from mill (currency), one thousandth of a dollar.



Permille may also be used to express a 1000-quantile ("999th permille"),[16][17] but this usage is rare and largely obsolete. Modern publications instead use fractional percentiles ("99.9th percentile").[18]



Seawater salinity is often expressed per mille. Average marine salinity is about 35 parts per thousand or 35‰ (3.5%).[19]

Visualisation of 1%, 1‰, 1‱, 1 pcm and 1 ppm as fractions of the large block (larger version)

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  1. ^ The sequence the percent key (%) is followed by lower case letter o and not, as might be expected, by digit 0.[8]


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