Per un pugno nell'occhio

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Per un pugno nell'occhio
Per un pugno nell'occhio.jpg
Original film poster
Directed byMichele Lupo
Produced byRoberto Amoroso
Written byRoberto Gianviti, Amedeo Solazzo, Michele Lupo
StarringFranco Franchi & Ciccio Ingrassia
Music byFrancesco De Masi
Release date
Running time
100 min

Per un pugno nell'occhio is a 1965 Italian film. It is a spaghetti western parody of Fistful of Dollars and was also known as Fistful of Knuckles and For a Fist in the Eye.[1][2][3]


Fitting atmosphere in the Wild West, the film tells the story of Franco and Ciccio, two well-known arms dealers who come to a desolate village where peace reigns. Being the social situation very quiet, the buddies start with cunning stratagems to get everyone against each other to unleash a veritable pandemonium and be able to make money.



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